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Accelerating Allegro: more offers, new sellers and more than PLN 1 billion of savings on shipping with Allegro Smart!

August 27, 2020

Consumers appreciate the benefits of ‘Allegro Smart!’ – in the first six months of this year buyers saved PLN 540 million thanks to free shipping, with a total of more than PLN 1 billion since program launch in 2018. Merchants are developing their businesses on Allegro – during the first half of 2020 the number of companies selling on the platform grew 14% to 117 thousand, while the number of offers climbed 21% to 164 million.

The 20 million people who visit every month shop safely and conveniently. In June of this year they could choose from among 164 million offers: 21% more than at the end of 2019. During the first half of the year, on average more than 100 new offers appeared on Allegro every minute.

Clients can shop even more conveniently thanks to innovation making shipping faster and faster and, thanks to Allegro Smart! it’s free. Currently, approximately 66 million offers can be delivered up to 2 days, including 16 million offers with delivery in 1 day. Allegro recently introduced a new delivery-time filter with expected delivery date shown on the listing and offer page. Clients can also track their purchases at every stage of shipping and can easily check where their package is.

Allegro is constantly investing in solutions to make shopping on its platform even easier. The ‘Allegro Pay’ service is the latest landmark solution launched in pilot at the end of July. With ‘Allegro Pay’, clients have the option to purchase on credit and select a convenient repayment option – within 30 days or in as many as 20 monthly instalments. ‘Allegro Pay’ is an additional form of payment on top of the existing means of payment available on Allegro, giving clients the ability to manage their household budget with flexibility and ease.

“The first half of 2020 has been a period of rapid development in the whole Allegro ecosystem despite the challenges related to the pandemic. The number of companies offering their products on Allegro is on the rise and Poles are doing their shopping here more and more frequently. They benefit from a broad selection of products, low prices and great convenience, especially thanks to the Allegro Smart! service. In just the first half of this year, thanks to free shipping, our clients saved a total of PLN 540 million, while their total savings since the launch of Smart! in 2018 have already surpassed PLN 1 billion”, said Francois Nuyts, CEO of Allegro.

The launch two years ago of Allegro Smart! has changed Poles’ purchasing habits. It has prompted clients to shop more on Allegro and spend more on the platform. Allegro Smart! is an increasingly popular loyalty program in Poland, giving customers real benefits like not only saving money on delivery costs and free returns, but also by taking advantage of daily promotions and special offers during shopping festivals, such as Allegro Smart! Week – the biggest shopping festival organised every Autumn.

The trend towards shopping for staples online accelerated during the lockdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. The fastest growing categories on the Allegro platform in the first half of the year were as follows: Supermarket (+116%), Health and beauty (+90%) and Home and garden (+70%). In the first six months of this year clients saved PLN 540 million thanks to Allegro Smart! free shipping, with a total of more than PLN 1 billion since program launch in 2018. The record-holder customer saved PLN 114 thousand.

Over 117 thousand companies selling on Allegro at the end of June

Sellers have taken notice: free shipping is available in Allegro Smart! for more than 100 million offers. The large number of loyal clients is also attracting more sellers to Allegro. At the end of June 2020, more than 117 thousand companies operated on Allegro, or 14% more than at the end of 2019. This included small and medium companies as well as large companies and well-known brands such as Dove, Leroy Merlin, Maspex, Geox and Kross who have joined recently. For clients this means access to an even larger number of competitively priced offers.

“We are constantly investing in solutions to enable our clients to use Allegro with greater ease and convenience. We also support merchants operating on our platform and we help them develop their sales. The key areas for us are financial services and delivery, which are becoming faster and faster and more predictable. This year we planned to earmark PLN 1 billion to develop our platform and Allegro’s overall ecosystem. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, this remains our goal”, remarked Francois Nuyts.

Allegro is the online gateway for Polish companies helping them grow and develop their businesses. 58 new sellers who decided to join the platform in the first half of this year generated sales measured by gross merchandise volume (GMV) topping PLN 1 million. A company from Kraków that started operating on Allegro during the economy’s lockdown was the fastest - it took it a mere 10 days to achieve the threshold of PLN 1 million in sales. This company took advantage of Allegro’s Welcome Program, which makes it possible to use the platform for the first three months without incurring any fees.

Supporting clients, sellers and Polish healthcare professionals

When the coronavirus-related restrictions were introduced, Allegro offered the Allegro Smart! service totally free of charge for a period of three months, to give Poles the ability to shop safely without having to leave home. Allegro also undertook a range of other projects to support clients, sellers, the Polish health service and other groups adversely affected by the pandemic, with the total value of assistance provided exceeding PLN 375 million.