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Allegro Biznes to be launched in February 2021

January 18, 2021
  • Allegro is launching a dedicated solution to improve business purchasing.
  • Thanks to Allegro Biznes merchants will be able to explore a huge additional market with high potential to grow in the nearest future.
  • Built on top of the beloved Poles consumer platform, Allegro Biznes will have very specific features targeted at B2B clients, like business friendly payment methods.

Experts’ reports state that B2B e-commerce in Poland reached over PLN 340 bn in 2020. This means that the potential of this segment is huge and a significant part of it is addressable for Allegro. To meet those needs Allegro, the favourite online shopping platform for Polish consumers, is launching Allegro Biznes, a marketplace with a dedicated approach for the specific expectations of the B2B segment. 

Almost every second Polish company made at least a single purchase at Allegro in the past year. Thanks to Allegro Biznes their “consumer journey” will be even better now. Preference for self-service, coupled with a wide selection of competitively priced products and convenient delivery - a key for B2C eCommerce - have long been absent in this segment. However, as customers outside of their working lives got used to a particular standard of online shopping, this gap in experience has led to a rapid development of features and services targeted at B2B clients, like Allegro Biznes said Dagmara Brzezińska-Marcu, Commercial Category Management Director at Allegro.

Allegro Biznes will combine the wide selection of products, delivery convenience and attractive prices with features that help to improve business purchasing. Allegro Biznes is built on top of the consumer platform retaining all existing functionality and adding specific tools useful for both - those who need different products to run their own company and for those who are supplying them.

Product’s development in the near future will focus, among others, on offering competitive prices and more business friendly payment options, as these are major decision making factors in the supplier selection process.

From the buyers’ perspective, Allegro Biznes will be available for the company accounts. On the other hand, sellers will get the opportunity to explore an additional market, where spending is on average 10 times bigger than in case of consumer purchases, as their offers will appear on both versions of Allegro.

Allegro Biznes will address basic, but at the same time wide, needs of all entrepreneurs (like stationery, cleaning, IT equipment etc.), but its offer will be also tailored to very specific branches like car workshops, construction companies or beauty salons.

The full offer of Allegro Biznes will be released in February 2021.