Corporate News

Allegro Biznes has been launched

February 11, 2021
  • Allegro launched a new platform that will enable companies to shop and sell at Allegro in an even easier and more convenient way.
  • From the start the platform has nearly 120M offers showing net prices from about 100K merchants, which is the biggest business-to-business offer on the Polish market.
  • Allegro Biznes introduces a flexible payment method on over 30M offers - buyers have even 60 days to pay, but sellers get the money right away.

Allegro Biznes combines the wide selection of products, delivery convenience and attractive prices with features that help to improve business purchasing. Allegro Biznes is built on top of the well-known consumer platform retaining all existing functionality and adding specific tools useful for both - those who need different products to run their own company and for those who are supplying them.

Almost every second Polish company made at least a single purchase at Allegro in the last year. Now it will be even easier and more cost-effective. Allegro is strongly associated with consumer, individual shopping. However, for many years we have been having among our clients companies that are purchasing not only everyday products like tea or IT devices, but professional and very expensive tools or equipment as well. Many of them said they need tailor-made solutions, such as wholesale prices, discounts for large orders, net price lists. So we addressed those needs said Dagmara Brzezińska, Commercial Category Management Director at Allegro.

Key functionalities - benefits for sellers & buyers

More and more companies - not only the largest but also small and medium-sized ones - buy online. Digital became an essential means of doing business, and is very likely to stay as a new-normal, according to the majority of companies. At the same time reports show that they flag key needs to engage more in online company purchasing, being: price negotiation mechanisms, possibility to plan delivery dates, propper customer service for business clients and possibility of payment extension. Allegro Biznes addresses all those needs.

At launch, Allegro Biznes gives access to the full range of Allegro products, with additional set of features, to enhance corporate buyers’ experience. One of key benefits is the possibility to delay payment - buyers may have up to 60 days to pay without the need to submit applications and sign loan agreements (they just need to positively undergo a verification process). These 60 days are twice as long as the standard market offer of 30 days. Additionally, for 2 months from the launch, Allegro Biznes offers an additional promotion - the first 21 days of extended payment will not incur additional costs.

From the sellers' perspective, this option enables them to keep the financial liquidity (sellers get the money right away), without additional insurance costs and without the risk of having to return the money when the buyer does not pay. Moreover, the costs of such offering on Allegro are several times lower than on the market (Allegro’s 0,5% vs. 3% on the market). Additionally, their offer will reach millions of individual clients and tens of thousands of business customers. Allegro team has also prepared a special "welcome" program with benefits for sellers.

From the buyers' perspective, they are able to lower their costs thanks to over 11M offers with discounts of up to 55% on wholesale price lists and over 22M offers with discounts of up to 30% on large orders. The navigation for corporate purchasing is also easier - buyers see offers only from companies issuing invoices (over 170M offers with VAT invoice) and net price lists.

Development plans

Allegro Biznes will continue expanding its functionalities in order to enhance user experience and increase engagement of companies, especially small and mid ones (e.g. Allegro Smart! for business, heavy & bulky delivery methods, B2B-specific return program, new payment methods such as leasing), but also to attract large businesses with a common goal of automation of the majority of B2B processes.