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Allegro Biznes – thousands of new business customers

April 7, 2021

Early February saw the launch of Allegro Biznes, a platform for businesses to make their buying and selling experience even easier. The first 2 months prove the appeal of its constantly expanding value proposition. In particular, the platform supports small and medium entrepreneurs who often find the rules of traditional retail difficult to accept. Since the beginning of 2021, Allegro has recorded a roughly 10% increase in buyers using invoices and a nearly 20% increase in business account buyers.

Allegro Biznes offers nearly 120 million products with net prices from approximately 100,000 sellers, which makes it the largest business-to-business platform in the Polish market. It combines a wide range of products, convenient delivery options and attractive prices with features that elevate the business purchasing experience. Allegro Biznes is based on the well-established Polish consumer platform, retaining all its features while adding specific tools that are useful for both buyers and suppliers of various products needed to run a business.

“Allegro Biznes is a tool for regular business purchases. Almost 2 months months after the launch, we’re noticing that a large proportion of the buyers are small and medium-sized enterprises, sometimes even home businesses. One of the reasons for that is definitely the fact that the features available with an Allegro business account are entirely free to use. Also, we introduced a range of solutions such as extended payment terms and attractive discounts that were very well received by our customers as they allow them to regularly reduce overheads. And the high demand from buyers naturally attracts more sellers, and the number of offers with those features is growing by the week. In just one month, the number of offers with discounts of up to 55% increased by almost 20%,” says Piotr Truszkowski, Head of B2B at Allegro.

The features offered by Allegro Biznes bring real savings to businesses. A great example of such savings is volume discounts. Say that you are a small entrepreneur who employs under 10 people and makes minor monthly purchases of essential office supplies such as printer paper, binders, staples, folders, pens, sticky notes, paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitiser spray and liquid soap for an estimated total of PLN 1,100. Discounts can help you save up to 10% on the initial shopping cart value. All you need to do is create a free Allegro business account.

Similarly, a small online store can save nearly 11% when buying about 50 sheets of cardboard and 35 rolls of packing tape (shopping cart value estimated at PLN 1,140). However, it is worth remembering that Allegro Biznes addresses not only essential but also highly specific needs unique for individual industries such as construction, food or cosmetics. In one case study, the Allegro team found that a sole proprietor looking to restock their electrical repairs business could save about 5% on already competitive prices offered by the platform on everyday supplies such as connectors, sockets, cable boxes and cables worth approximately PLN 1,700 by simply using Allegro Biznes. Likewise, a home improvement business can save up to 10% with Allegro Biznes when buying essentials such as masking film and tape, glues, trowels and foam sealants (shopping cart value estimated at PLN 2,200). And beauty salons can save more than 7% on essential PPE such as gloves, couch rolls, protective aprons and paper towels worth over PLN 2,330 in total.

One of the key features of Allegro Biznes are extended payment terms for businesses, where the seller immediately receives the payment for the invoice despite the fact that the buyer chose to postpone the payment deadline by 21, 45 or even 60 days. Right from the start, Allegro has introduced flexible payment methods for more than 30 million offers. That number is growing rapidly as more and more sellers activate this method for their offers. Deferred payment is currently available for nearly 40 million offers. Two first months of Allegro Biznes have shown that both buyers and sellers really enjoy the terms of sale on the platform. Benefits for sellers include maintaining liquidity and boosting sales to customers who wish to defer their payment. The average value of those orders is up to 9 times greater than standard business purchases made before. Interestingly enough, just a few days after its launch, Allegro Biznes had returning customers who made more than one purchase using the deferred payment feature. The clear interest in this option speaks to Allegro’s great value proposition. The platform supports small and medium entrepreneurs who often find the rules of traditional retail difficult to accept; offline transactions usually mean 30-day payment deadlines, and extending them takes negotiating with suppliers and agreeing to terms they impose. The 60-day payment term on Allegro Biznes is available to every verified account, starting already with the first purchase. Better still, the platform is currently offering the first 21 days of deferred payment at no additional cost for buyers.