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Allegro Black Week 2020 at a glance

December 4, 2020
  • The 2020 edition of the Allegro Black Week was the biggest shopping festival in Allegro’s history.
  • Between November 23rd and November 30th clients were buying an average of 3.5 million items per day.
  • Those who listed discounted offers enjoyed higher sales with 250-300% more products sold than on an average day.
  • Thanks to Allegro Smart! free deliveries, customers saved more than 45M PLN just on delivery costs on Black Week shopping.

Our ambition is to give customers best prices, wide selection of products and excellent delivery experience. This November we broke another record, but it wouldn’t happen without our sellers. I would like to thank them all - together we have prepared over 350.000 offers at attractive prices, which equals millions of discounted products to choose from. Besides, having in mind how important the delivery speed is for our customers, we introduced this year additional conveniences such as the possibility of deliveries on Saturdays - said Francois Nuyts, CEO of Allegro.

Allegro’s 8-day long shopping festival had a very positive impact on merchants’ businesses. Those who listed discounted offers enjoyed higher sales with 250-300% more products sold than on an average day. Those with Allegro Smart! delivery option available benefited even more from Allegro Black Week with higher sales vs normal day this year. 80 % of platform sales from Black Week special offers were from third party sellers that usually are small- or mid-sized businesses.

During Black Week on average the event home page was visited 9 times a second. The most popular categories were: Electronics, Home & Garden, Kids. Almost 80% of Allegro orders were delivered within 1-2 days, with the quickest delivery that included HP EliteBook 840 laptop and took only 4 hours. Thanks to Allegro Smart! free deliveries, customers saved more than 45M PLN just on delivery costs on Black Week shopping.

Key highlights

Operations improvements

  • Black Week filter in search tab - users may search for all products available on Allegro and choose those with special prices.
  • Price verification - Allegro employs a lot of mechanisms to make sure that prices are fair - for example, the previous price the platform is showing is the average from the last 4 weeks, not the last one before the sale.
  • Algorithm recommending best deals based on customers’ previous purchases.
  • Easier navigation thanks to a special landing page showing trends and top offers for each category.


Among nearly 3 100 000 products sold, we can distinguish

  • 000 smartphones
  • Smartwatches and accessories were even more popular: 66.500 were sold in 8 days
  • 3D printers are also gaining in popularity: almost 7.500 were sold
  • 23,000 PCs
  • Over 13,500 multifunction devices/printers
  • 14,000 coffee machines
  • 30,000 vacuum cleaners
  • Over 26,000 humidifiers and air purifiers
  • Almost 110,000 handsets


  • 000 women's clothing and lingerie
  • Nearly 400.000 men's clothing and underwear
  • 000 accessories (wallets, headwears, gloves, scarves and shawls)
  • 000 woman’s jewellery
  • 000 watches
  • 000 kids fashion
  • Over 230.000 shoes

Health & beauty

  • 000 beauty care products, 315.000 manicure and pedicure accessories and over 185.000 makeup products were bought.
  • Clients bought nearly 155.000 perfumes and eau de toilette.
  • In the Health category customers bought, among others, nearly 142.000 dental hygiene items and nearly 200.000 dietary supplements.


  • 3 700 000 decor items:
    • Christmas and occasional decorations: 910 000
    • Windows decor: 730 000
    • Tableware & kitchen accessories: 635 000
    • Decoration and ornaments: 500 000
  • Office equipment: 1 000 000
  • Furniture: 300 000


  • In the Supermarket category, nearly 1 400 000 items were bought incl. coffee, tea, delicacies and nuts, spices.
  • Customers also bought over 780 000 pet accessories and over 520 000 house cleaning supplies.


  • 470 000 car tools and garage equipment components, over 500 000 car parts and over 600 000 car accessories & engine oils were also sold.

Books & Media & toys

  • Nearly 670 000 books (mostly books for children and youth, fiction, popular and non-fiction, scientific and popular science books, guides and albums).
  • Nearly 90 000 board and card games.
    • The fastest selling offer from allegro store was Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle with over 500 units sold below 20 minutes
  • Over 60 000 new video games (box)
    • The fastest selling offer from allegro store was FIFA 21 on PS4 with over 500 units sold below 2 minutes.
  • Over 2 000 000 of toys.


  • There is also still a huge interest in DIY and hand-made products, which gained popularity during the lockdown. Over 800 000 items were sold during the Black Week (most popular categories: sewing and knitting, decoupage, scrapbooking).