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Allegro is building a new logistics centre to help merchants deliver even faster

February 2, 2021
  • A new Allegro logistics centre is being constructed near Warsaw, which will handle orders for merchants trading on the platform.
  • The share of same-day and next-day deliveries will increase thanks to the new service, which comprises storing, packing and shipping goods on behalf of merchants.
  • Allegro plans to hire 1,200 new employees for the logistic centre. The social spaces are specially designed to address maximum safety of employees in the context of COVID-19.

Currently, there are already over 66 million offers on Allegro, which delivery time is 1–2 days. This is how fast it takes to deliver almost 80% of the orders at Allegro. Allegro wants to improve performance in this area in 2021 even further, which is why the company plans to introduce a number of initiatives that will accelerate deliveries. One of them is the planned launch of a service that enables merchants to have products stored, packed and shipped through a dedicated modern logistics centre.

“The hallmarks of shopping on Allegro are the broadest selection, best prices on the market as well as superior convenience and safety. Buyers expect fast deliveries, and we are working hard to help merchants meet this expectation. We have already implemented, among others, the Fast Delivery Program and Same Day Deliveries with PickPack and X-press Couriers. However, we do not stop there and plan, in the coming months, to launch a new service. The Allegro logistics centre will be located in a modern warehouse in the centre of Poland and will help support merchants with the most costly and labour-intensive processes like storing, packaging, shipping and handling returns. With scale and automation Allegro will be in position to provide attractive terms for this service. This will enable merchants to focus on increasing sales and optimizing their offers, and customers will be offered additional satisfaction from even faster deliveries,” comments Grzegorz Czapski, Business Development Officer.

Allegro has signed a rental agreement for the new logistics centre warehouse.

The Polish e-commerce industry leader has decided to develop its logistics services at the A2 Warsaw Park. The agreement between Panattoni and Allegro concerns the rental of a 36,500 sq. m warehouse, where 33,500 sq. m will be used to handle orders, and almost as much as 2,800 sq. m will be dedicated for offices and leisure space to ensure employees have comfortable working conditions.  The target total floor area of the warehouse with internal mezzanine floors is 65,300 sq m.

Allegro logistics centre will have a number of automated solutions that will accelerate and reduce the costs of order handling. The warehouse will have advanced management systems, conveyors and scanners to ensure high quality of services and control over the goods at every stage of the warehousing process.

The target number of employees of the new Allegro logistics centre is 1,200. The large and efficiently planned warehouse space and social space, combined with appropriate change management, will ensure maximum safety of the employees in the context of COVID-19.

Allegro invests in fast deliveries: the platform has announced the launch of a new logistics service.

In 2021, Allegro plans to launch a new logistics service for companies selling on the platform. The service will cover comprehensive order handling, including storing goods, packing and dispatching, as well as handling returns.

Research conducted by Allegro has revealed that for merchants the order processing is the most burdensome and time-consuming. By entrusting logistics to Allegro, they will be able to fulfil orders quicker and more efficiently. 

The new logistics service will help entrepreneurs grow their business: they will not need to invest in warehouses and their infrastructure, or hire additional employees during seasonal peaks. This will allow them to focus more on sourcing attractive goods and promoting them on Allegro. Thanks to the new service, merchants will make their offers even more attractive. For merchants interested in the service, Allegro has prepared a dedicated website

Allegro is already helping merchants ship faster

Delivery time and predictability is of great importance in e-commerce. That is why the platform launched on 4 January its Fast Delivery Program. Allegro refunds a part of the cost to the merchants when their goods reach customers on the same or next day.

This continues the activities started in 2020. As of September, shoppers can see the estimated delivery time on Allegro and can easily select the products they receive the fastest. Since November, Allegro Smart! users receive their orders also on Saturdays, and even pay on delivery. Weekend deliveries were very well received by shoppers.

Allegro is also introducing other innovative solutions to make it easier for businesses to sell on the platform, an example of which is the Send with Allegro (Wysyłam z Allegro) tool. It helps merchants save time by having the ordered items shipped via multiple carriers directly from the platform. Thanks to the scale of its operations, Allegro also helps merchants by making various delivery methods available on preferential terms negotiated with logistics partners.

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