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Allegro customers love Allegro Pay! Starting now it’s available to all

September 8, 2021
  • Allegro’s most innovative fintech offer proved a boon for clients, who praised its simplicity and convenience.
  • Allegro Pay opens to all customers willing to easily and safely manage their purchases, after reaching a milestone of over PLN 0.5 billion of loans originated in the first half of 2021.
  • The offer allows for postponed payments and splitting them into installments, giving greater financial flexibility and ensuring safer and easier buying online.


Poland’s favorite online marketplace is now offering Allegro Pay to all customers willing to buy more responsibly and cost-efficiently. Everyone can join the world of safely accessible financing with no strings attached thanks to Allegro Pay - secure a cash cushion for free and keep it available at no extra costs at Allegro in case you want to either postpone your payment or split it into installments, while already enjoying the delivered merchandise. You don’t need to look for outside financing, as you can buy your desired products with resources made available by Allegro itself. Buy now, pay later!

“Buying now and paying later doesn’t get any easier or more straightforward than with Allegro Pay,” said Allegro CEO, Francois Nuyts. “Following the success of Allegro Smart! - already a catchphrase for easy and cost-efficient shopping online - clients can make the most of yet another Allegro product aimed at improving one’s shopping experience. It’s our ever-present goal at Allegro to be the leading provider of innovation, a strategy which helped us gain trust among our clients, including over 13 million active buyers. That’s why we launched the Allegro Pay pilot a year ago as an answer to client needs and it only gained traction. Both the value of originated loans and the high promoter score confirm that it goes well with online customers. We see Allegro Pay as one of the levers for our future growth, as we’re certain it gives customers more flexibility and safety - just what we strive for at our group. Allegro Pay is reasonably shaped for every individual customer, so sign up, enjoy the benefits, and prowl for special offers during the upcoming Smart! Week with a secure cash cushion at hand.”

Following a successful year-long pilot, Allegro’s newest financial brainchild is now on track to hit its goal of 1 billion zloty in loans originated this year, as the product reached its 0.5-billion zloty milestone until the end of June. Allegro Pay originated PLN 347 million in loans in the second quarter alone, almost doubling the value on a quarterly basis. It also boasted a loan balance of PLN 231 million in the second quarter - a 74% increase versus the first three months of the year, with the expected credit losses at 2.1%. Up-to-date clients praised the new functionality by granting it a net promoter score, or NPS, of 89 after the second quarter - among top-tier industry players. Ensuring client safety, the value of resources that Allegro Pay provides is largely based on a given client’s transaction history.



About the Allegro Group

Allegro is the go-to commerce platform for Polish consumers and has delivered strong revenue growth, profitability and cash flow at scale. The group operates a leading online marketplace in Poland,, and price comparison platform As one of the most recognized e-commerce brands and the largest non-food retailer by GMV in Poland, is also one of the world’s top ten e-commerce websites and ranks among top 100 websites in the world by visits per month. 2 Merchants on the marketplace sell across a variety of categories, covering electronics; home and garden; sports and leisure; kids; automotive; fashion and shoes; health and beauty; books; media; collectibles and art; and supermarket. The platform facilitates the sale of new products primarily on behalf of merchants through a business-to-customer model and attracts visits from an average of 21 million users per month, which is equivalent to 66% of Polish residents aged 16 and above and 78% of all internet users in Poland.


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