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Allegro has launched deliveries to the green parcel machines - One Box by Allegro

November 3, 2021
  • As of the beginning of November, Allegro started to roll out its own network of parcel lockers, One Box by Allegro.
  • To start with, Allegro has planted more than 600 green lockers, planning to bring the number to at least 3,000 by the end of 2022. New One Box-enabled merchants will also be added regularly as the roll-out progresses.
  • Customers from Warsaw will be the first to use Allegro’s lockers, with buyers from other Polish cities, including Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Wrocław and Toruń to join them in the following days.
  • The One Box by Allegro logistics partner is UPS.
  • Allegro has unveiled its new logistics brand One by Allegro, which includes One Box green parcel lockers, One Punkt pick-up points and One Fulfillment service for merchants.

As the number of buyers is on the rise and online shopping is becoming more and more frequent, Allegro invests in its own logistics solutions. As part of this strategy, the platform started building a network of parcel lockers this summer. Allegro’s brand network will ensure buyers and merchants even faster and more convenient delivery options. By going ahead with the project, the platform is also addressing the needs of local communities, social activists and experts by creating environmentally friendly solutions that meet the needs of local residents and seamlessly blend in with the urban space. All locker systems are powered by renewable green energy, and up to 90% of the plant support structure is made of recycled wood.

“Allegro users love collecting parcels at pick-up points and parcel lockers personally, and we want this process to be even faster and more convenient. This is why we’re expanding the network of over 45,000 pick-up points and parcel lockers available on Allegro to include our own locations that will soon offer same-day delivery as well. Today, we already have more than 600 locations and are rapidly speeding up the rate of deployment. We started with Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Wrocław and Toruń but our green parcel lockers will shortly appear in other cities too. We’d like to set up at least 3,000 within a year. We’ll gradually increase the number of merchants integrated with the service,” says Francois Nuyts, CEO of Allegro. “Designing our network, our goal was to ensure safety and protect spatial order and the environment. Our parcel lockers seamlessly blend in with the cityscape, completely ad-free and planted with greenery wherever possible. They are also provided with amenities for users with visual or hearing loss, air quality sensors, quiet-close locker systems and motion sensor lighting and are integrated with the surrounding infrastructure to ensure easy access for wheelchair users and protect unloading zones for delivery drivers.”

In most cases, customers will collect their parcels from One Box by Allegro lockers already the next day after the purchase. In the first phase, buyers will be able to choose the new delivery option in a dedicated product carousel on the home page or use the “Allegro One box” filter. Importantly, parcels can be collected remotely and conveniently via the Allegro app, which is already used by every third Polish Internet user. This means that, in addition to shopping and checking the delivery status, customers can use the app to find out which products are already waiting in the locker and open them with a single click in the app. In addition, a special light animation helps recipients find the right locker instantly, which is especially important at nighttime or if there are more people collecting a parcel at the same time. Soon, at the purchase stage, customers will also be able to select the preferred height of the locker where the parcel is to be placed by the delivery driver, making it easier to collect for shorter people or wheelchair users.

But there is more to it than shopping and pick-up amenities. To meet the ambitions of social responsibility and sustainability, Allegro has also prepared additional features. Customers can already bring used electronics to a parcel locker after collecting their first parcel to be recycled and given a second life. In addition, for every tenth parcel picked up (every third by the end of 2021), the platform will plant a tree with a personalised dedication for the customer. And this is only the beginning, with new environmentally friendly initiatives to be announced as the platform develops its One Box by Allegro network.

Apart from delivery convenience, which is key to both customers and sellers,Allegro’s ambition is broader innovation and concern for the planet, including the amount of waste we produce, the aesthetic appeal of the cities we live in and the amount of greenery surrounding us. These are the needs that buyers, too, named without hesitation, having experienced the ongoing pandemic. Allegro is developing the One brand in line with its strategy dubbed “One better method for merchants, buyers and the planet!” According to the platform, these are just the first in a string of initiatives that will make a core part of One by Allegro green delivery and returns services in the coming months.

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