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Allegro launches a new logistics service for merchants

September 13, 2021
  • One Fulfillment by Allegro is a comprehensive service for merchants that includes storing, packaging and delivering orders, as well as providing customer service throughout the delivery process.
  • Distribution of products purchased on Allegro from a single logistics center will further reduce delivery times, provide high-level customer service, and reduce the environmental impact.
  • A few dozen businesses that sell on Allegro have been invited to join the pilot programme. The service will become more widely available to merchants as early as Q1 2022.
  • Customers can count on even faster delivery times, while merchants will be able to offer more attractive conditions, thus gaining a competitive advantage and increasing sales.
  • Allegro will add 1,200 jobs at its new One Fulfillment centre.

As promised, Poland’s most popular e-commerce platform is launching a new logistics service, One Fulfillment by Allegro to help businesses with storing, packaging, dispatching and delivering orders, as well as handling returns. Merchants who decide to use the offer  will not only be able to provide customers with a wider range of delivery options at attractive prices negotiated by Allegro but also, and most importantly, ensure next-day or same-day delivery services.

“With One Fulfillment, we plan to further shorten delivery times, reduce costs and improve predictability for customers. Eventually, customers will also be able to buy from many sellers at one fulfillment centre provided by Allegro, and the order will be shipped in a single parcel, which is both more economical and more environmentally friendly,” says Grzegorz Czapski, Business Development Officer at Allegro. “Consequently, merchants will also be able to enhance their customer offer and significantly boost sales. The new service will allow merchants to commit their time and resources they previously dedicated to logistics to what is even more key: acquiring attractive products, proper product display on the platform, and providing professional customer service. They will also maintain high-quality delivery even during sale peaks and will not have to worry about having to invest in professional warehouses and storage equipment.”

Currently, more than 80% of all orders made on Allegro reach customers within 1–2 days, with delivery times rapidly shortening. The platform continues to make every effort to support this trend through a range of initiatives to motivate merchants and logistics companies to improve delivery times, including by developing its own innovative logistics solutions. In May, the first Allegro Punkty pick-up points were launched at Kolpolter stores, and customers will be able to use even more attractive locations to send and collect parcels from Allegro by the end of the year. The platform is also “planting” a network of advanced green parcel lockers, which will become available to first customers this autumn. New logistics services and delivery methods from Allegro will make shopping delivery to customers even more seamless.

The environmental aspect of the new One Fulfillment by Allegro service is incredibly important to a platform that has 125,000 merchants. Allegro uses exclusively eco-friendly packaging materials such as certified packaging, paper tape and filler, implementing further processes to minimise waste. By shipping parcels from a single site, Allegro also pursues the Sustainable Development Goals set out in its 2020–2023 strategy, contributing to a lower carbon footprint across the supply chain.

Allegro is launching its logistics service at A2 Warsaw Park, with 36,500 sq m of available space. Nearly 2,800 sq m is occupied by offices and break-rooms for employees. When completed, the operating area of Allegro’s warehouse, including the internal mezzanine system, will total 65,300 sq m.

The new Allegro warehouse will add 1,200 jobs by the end of 2022. To ensure the highest level of safety, Allegro made sure that the facility has the right layout and large spaces to make social distancing possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why we have combined proper shift management with providing any recommended safety measures in line with best practices.