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Allegro launches a program supporting Polish fashion. Ewa Minge will be an ambassador

March 1, 2021
  • The main goal of the initiative is to create the brand "Allegro Projektownia" - symbol of Polish products and Polish fashion craftsmanship on Allegro, the most popular shopping platform in Poland.
  • The program was created in cooperation with the well-known designer Ewa Minge.
  • Fashion is one of the most visited categories on Allegro with, on average, over 1000 user visits each minute. Products selection increased by 50% compared to 2019.

In recent years, Polish brands are more and more often chosen by customers. The "Made in Poland" label is a reason to be proud - it is a promise of good quality and social responsibility. To meet these expectations, Allegro launches the "Allegro Projektownia" initiative, whose main goal is to create a brand - symbol of Polish fashion products.

There are many many talented entrepreneurs and designers on the Polish fashion market. Competition is strong, which is why it’s harder for smaller brands to stand out. Entering Allegro, which attracts an average of 20 million Poles each month, is a great way to start selling online or gain a new channel to reach customers. To support local companies and help them appear among a wider audience, we have launched a new program - Allegro Projektownia. As part of the project, we joined our forces, the largest e-commerce platform in Poland, and Ewa Minge, a well-known Polish designer - Celestyna Lendo-Zachariasz, Allegro fashion segment director.

Polish entities that have positively passed a verification regarding the origin of their products and have a company account on Allegro can apply for the program. All terms and conditions are available HERE [linking to the landing page]. Qualified designers will be invited to take part in a contest for the “Best Polish Product” and will receive a number of benefits supporting their sales, including a package of additional awards, the presence of offers on a special landing page or Allegro Ads bonuses.

The final stage of the campaign will be a contest for the "Best Polish Product" and "Audience Award", which will be selected by the jury (including fashion designer Ewa Minge) and by Allegro customers. Attractive prizes await both the winners and voters in the plebiscite. The sellers who will be awarded in the competition will receive up to PLN 180,000 discount on commission fee (up to PLN 120,000 in the case of the audience award) on sales on Allegro and additional benefits supporting sales and promotion.

Allegro is a shopping platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fashion lovers have access to hundreds of thousands of sellers and thus, millions of products also Polish ones. In 2020 over 50 million items have been sold. This means that, on average, 3 dresses, 4 men t-shirts, 6 pairs of women's shoes and 10 pieces of underwear were added to the shopping cart every minute. What’s more, nearly 40% more sellers appeared on Allegro compared to 2019.