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Allegro is launching a new contact channel for the Deaf: online connection with Migam Interpreter

November 16, 2021
  • Allegro is introducing another innovation to make online shopping even more accessible.
  • The new contact channel will allow deaf users to have a video chat with online assistance from a polish sign language interpreter.
  • In addition to shopping support, the platform has also prepared dedicated contact channels for users with visual or hearing loss collecting parcels from One Box by Allegro parcel machines.
  • That way, Allegro is making good on its Tech Credo, a commitment to enabling positive digital transformation and inclusiveness.

Allegro, the favourite shopping platform in Poland, owes its popularity to a wide range of products available at attractive prices and its focus on customer convenience.

Allegro makes sure that the shopping process is intuitive and convenient and delivers a high quality of service. This is especially true for consumers at risk of exclusion, for whom the platform is designing tailored solutions.

  • “We enthusiastically welcome any innovation that enables us to increase accessibility and improve customer convenience. Contacting our consultants with the help of a polish sign language interpreter will elevate our service to customers with hearing loss, who previously could choose channels such as email and traditional chat. Video conferencing will allow us to offer them support faster, which we believe will translate to higher customer satisfaction,” says Wojciech Feliś from Consumer Experience. “At the same time, we’re committed to providing full technical support to everyone who uses our One Box by Allegro parcel machines, which is why every machine contains not only information in the Braille alphabet but also a QR code for a online connection with Migam Interpreter - dedicated helpline for people with hearing loss,” he adds.

The new contact channel for the Deaf is not the first initiative of the platform to prevent digital exclusion. In its recently released Tech Credo, Allegro reinforces its commitment to supporting positive digital transformation and inclusiveness, among other initiatives. For example, the platform has launched the Allegro for Seniors helpline. Allegro has also adapted its app to suit the needs of people with full or partial vision loss and has been consulting community partners to ensure that its new services are already designed with the various needs of customers in mind. To use the Migam Interpreter, simply choose the relevant tile in the contact form or, in the case of One Box by Allegro, scan the QR code below the parcel machine screen. You can also connect directly by visiting