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Allegro makes family online shopping even easier

July 15, 2021

The platform launches Allegro Family

  • Thanks to Allegro Family, the family can share all the Allegro benefits and help each other in shopping while maintaining the privacy of  their individual accounts.
  • One adult in the family, the organizer, can easily invite all the other members by email to join the family group (up to 10 people).
  • Family accounts also support both young and silvers in being independent and self-reliant in online shopping.

Each family knows that sharing means caring. Even if it comes to online shopping, especially regarding the benefits. Allegro’s data show that 76% of its active buyers shop on the platform for a family member other than their spouse or partner (gifts excluded). Reasons may vary a lot - they want to help their close ones who don’t have their own accounts yet or do not use Internet payment methods or they simply want to share benefits like Allegro Smart! and help save their family some extra money. Allegro has launched a perfect solution addressing all those needs: family accounts.  

Let’s imagine a happy mother of 2, who has not only her own business to run, but also is a family life organizer. Her family uses her Allegro account and needs her support to make purchases. She is hanging on the phone for 30 minutes, because her mother doesn’t have an account or straining her eyes to guess from the photo sent via SMS, what kind of computer cable her husband needs, because he wants to use her free deliveries within the Allegro Smart! subscription. Moreover, her kids  use her Allegro account and need support to make purchases and use her credit card (like her son, a college student, even though he doesn’t live with her anymore) or are too young to shop online (like her 11 yr old daughter). Thanks to the family group, purchases will be much easier and mom will have a truly personalized experience, keeping her own privacy at the same time and not worrying that somebody will see her guilty-pleasure purchases. 

So how will it work? 

Thanks to family accounts users may link their Allegro account with the accounts of their loved ones. One adult in the family, the organizer, can invite all the other members by email to join the family group. And what if they do not have an account? No problem — it may be created very quickly and linked to the group easily. New customers can register an account on their own, and it will be automatically added to the family group. Also, the family organizer who has free deliveries with Allegro Smart! can easily share the benefits with other members. The family capacity will be limited to 10 accounts, not only those living under one roof.

It is a perfect solution for family online shopping which is based on sharing services across the whole Allegro, keeping in mind the different buyers’ needs. Each group member keeps their personal account while sharing benefits, like Allegro Smart! free deliveries and returns, at no additional cost. This makes online shopping on Allegro even easier, especially for those less advanced or kids whose digital experience is growing very fast”, said Piotr Sekulski, Technology Director at Allegro.

Multiple benefits for customers 

A family account will help with everyday purchases on Allegro. Firstly, users’ relatives may ask the group owner to buy an item for them with just one click using the “Poproś o zakup” (“Ask for a purchase”) option available at every offer. If the request is accepted, the group owner can order and pay for the item chosen by a family member and the parcel will be delivered to their address. The requested purchase history will be visible to the family member and organizer. This option will be especially helpful for teenagers, who will be able to make their own purchases, of course after receiving approval from adults. 

Also families will no longer have to worry about delivery costs. Group organizers, regular Smart! or Smart! na Start (promotion with 5 free deliveries) subscribers can share their membership with their close ones. Family is paying for the Smart! membership only once and it is the same cost as an individual package.

However, using family accounts means not only sharing benefits with the loved ones but also keeping the privacy of individual accounts. Features such as individual shopping history, recently viewed products and buying preferences will not be shared with other users (except the “ask for purchase” option, naturally). This means that Allegro’s recommendations will be even more tailored to users’ expectations - on one hand users can send purchase requests to the family organizer. On the other hand they can make a purchase on their own and do not have to worry about buying gifts for their loved ones.  

Family accounts will be constantly developed and more features related to sharing and improving online shopping experience within household accounts will be added in the coming months.