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Allegro offers free training to merchants to help them develop their businesses online. One million merchants and customers have already used the educational platform

February 17, 2021
  • Allegro Academy was created to educate about e-commerce. It helps merchants grow their businesses and lets shoppers learn more about their rights and safety when shopping online.
  • Users can choose from among many online courses, webinars and podcasts available for free in Polish and English.
  • Trainings are conducted by Allegro employees and a group of experts cooperating with the platform, including Piotr Bucki (, Paulina Smaszcz, Martyna Zastrożna, Kasia Wągrowska (ograniczamsie), Artur Jabłoński, Marcin Pietraszek (Bossblog), and Krzysztof Gałężewski (Eklektika).

To offer customers the best shopping experience, Allegro is constantly developing its services and tools. This means that merchants selling on the platform need to keep up.  They are supported by an e-learning platform offering access to free webinars, courses and podcasts. It has so far been used by a million people.

-   We want Allegro users to feel confident and safe, regardless of whether they are buying or selling on our platform. We know that running a professional business requires knowledge and experience. We feel responsible for our business partners and we want every change introduced on the platform to be communicated to them in a clear, factual and attractive manner. Therefore, together with a team of 46 in-house experts and 5 authorities from outside Allegro, we have created a platform that educates about e-commerce.  Training participants can access over 400 additional materials, including experts' videos, tutorials and animations, manuals, articles, and mind maps,” said Kinga Hajducka, responsible for the Allegro Academy. “Our business courses are mainly addressed to Polish small and medium-sized enterprises. Planning new courses, we often explore topics that go beyond selling on Allegro, and help participants navigate the world of e-commerce. Examples include the "How to learn English?" series or "Professional communication in business". I invite everyone to visit for a wealth of knowledge,” she added.

Allegro Academy offers entrepreneurs much more than just knowledge. The growing popularity of online shopping and the increasing number of people who have not shopped online yet suggest that some customers do not feel confident about shopping online. To support them and make them aware of what to pay attention to, Allegro has prepared the “8 Rules for Safe Online Shopping” and “Your rights as a shopper” courses. They present essential knowledge that every consumer will find useful.

 A few facts about the Allegro Academy
Allegro Academy was created to support people who are starting to sell on Allegro and to educate shoppers. Many courses and webinars focus on tools and services that help get a better understanding of Allegro and use the platform's potential to grow the business. The Academy continues to develop and there are more and more courses on topics that go beyond simply using the platform. You can learn more about “Zero waste packaging”, “Online analytics”, and “Crises in communication with customers”. Much more general topics have been recently added on the platform, including: “My own business and how to go about it?”, “Starting a business – step by step”, “How to find a job that meets your expectations?”, “Living in harmony with nature”, and “Understanding GDPR”.

A year since its launch, the Allegro Academy has so far organised 177 webinars attended by 18,791 people, and 54 thematic courses in Polish and 7 in English have been made available. A dedicated YouTube channel with educational videos has been visited by 876,700 unique users.

Experts and authorities share knowledge
Most of the materials available on the platform are presented by Allegro's in-house experts. During webinar sessions participants can ask questions and clear up any doubts they may have "at the source". To ensure top quality of the offered courses whose topics extend beyond e-commerce, Allegro Academy approached authorities in the respective fields, including experts in communication, economics, analytics, ecology, and linguistics.

Katarzyna Wągrowska: author of the “Ograniczam się” blog, which gravitated from minimalism in life towards the zero waste philosophy. Author of the “Życie zero waste” [Zero waste life] book.  In addition to educational initiatives, Kasia also has the ambition to influence the law and market behaviour to inspire permanent changes in the attitude towards the natural environment. In the Allegro Academy she conducts popularisation courses.

Martyna Zastrożna: author of two books about Google Analytics. At Allegro she works as an online traffic analyst.  In the Allegro Academy she shares knowledge about how to effectively use analytics to run a business.

Paulina Smaszcz: trainer, mentor and business consultant. For 25 years she has worked in international corporations, managing projects involving large teams. She has recently launched her own business. This helped her truly master the ins and outs of sales, promotion and operation. In the Allegro Academy she talks about how to start and develop sales in the e-commerce channel.

Piotr Bucki: author of the blog. For over 17 years he has been helping people design and improve communication, and create effective content, also for the Internet. In the Allegro Academy he provides advice on how to create a good description of the offer and talks about how to effectively communicate with the customer.

Artur Jabłoński: runs a marketing agency with a team of 30, working with nearly a hundred customers on tens of markets. In the Allegro Academy he shares his knowledge of e-mail marketing and its important role in selling online.

Krzysztof Gałężewski: has over 10 years of experience in teaching English to adults. He specialises in teaching English for the IT and e-commerce industry at the Eklektika language school. In the Allegro Academy he runs a series of courses on how to learn English.

Marcin Pietraszek: he has been running his own business for several years. Author of four books for small business owners, and a blog for entrepreneurs. Expert in formal and legal aspects of launching and running your own business.