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Allegro Polecam: share an offer and receive a reward.

July 22, 2020
  • Allegro Polecam new affiliate programme for those who like sharing great offers – now they will get cash rewards for recommendations.
  • Allegro Polecam participants will be able to build their expert reputation by recommending interesting products to friends and communities.
  • Following recommendations and relying on the knowledge of more experienced friends while buying products drives inspiration and satisfaction.

“Recommending products found online can be a fun thing to do, a hobby, and also a part of one’s lifestyle. We decided to make it easier for Allegro customers to recommend great offers found on the website and inspire their friends and communities. That is why we are launching the Allegro Polecam programme, in which everyone can recommend Allegro offers while earning money at the same time” said Damian Zapłata, member of the board at Allegro. “Offer recommendations are posted on social networks as well as forums and discussion groups, which can be treasure troves of knowledge. The new Allegro programme will reward real community gurus in various categories, like fashion, cosmetics, electronics, car parts, cooking, housekeeping, books, sports and many more, so essentially wherever the recommendation is a valuable clue for those looking for the best option,” added Damian Zapłata.

Merchants offering the recommended products will also benefit from the programme. Their offers will reach more customers interested in a specific product from the given category, which increases the likelihood of making a sale.

A participating customer can recommend products easily. Having completed a simple registration process at, the customer only needs to click the ‘Share’ button in the given offer to generate an individual link and post it in his or her channels. When someone buys the product by following the referral link, the referring person will receive a cash reward from Allegro (20% of the commission paid by the merchant to Allegro). This will also be the case if someone decides to buy a different product from the same category. The link remains valid as long as the offer is active, but to receive the reward a maximum of 24 hours may pass between clicking the link and making the purchase.