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Allegro Punkty – a new fast and convenient way to pick up your order.

May 10, 2021
  • Allegro is launching Allegro Punkty, a partner network of next-day pick-up points, offering customers the opportunity to collect their orders on the next day after shipping and sellers a convenient way to send and manage orders within a single platform.
  • Already in May Allegro will launch an additional 600 pick-up points in Kolporter press stores. It strengthens the largest network of pick-up points and parcel machines in Poland, which customers can choose on the platform.
  • Allegro Smart! members will enjoy free delivery to Allegro Punkty on all orders of PLN 40 or more. Other customers will pay PLN 8.99, which is a very attractive fee for the next day delivery.

Convenient delivery is an increasingly important factor behind the surge in shopping on Allegro, which is why the platform is introducing new solutions to speed up deliveries and bring more pick-up options to choose from. This year, the platform has already announced plans to set up its own network of parcel lockers and launch a new fulfillment service to enable sellers to store, pack and ship their products using a state-of-the-art logistics centre. To meet the growing expectations of its customers, Allegro launches a partner network of pick-up points, Allegro Punkty, thus expanding and strengthening the largest network of pick-up points and parcel machines in Poland available to the platform's customers. 

“ Convenient and quick delivery to your doorstep or the nearby pick-up point has become just as important as the price and choice. Today, already about 80% of all orders are delivered to Allegro customers within 1–2 days. By launching Allegro Punkty, we are expanding the largest network in Poland, which has been integrated by Allegro and currently includes 31,000 pick-up points and parcel lockers. The new partner network will allow our customers to pick up their orders already the next day after shipping, and our partnership with Kolporter will bring nearly 600 new pick-up points located near residential neighbourhoods as well as shopping precincts and centres.” says Łukasz Szczepański DEX Director at Allegro. 

Allegro Punkty launch in may.

Customers will pay PLN 8.99 to have their order delivered to an Allegro Punkty pick-up point operated in partnership with Kolporter, which is a very attractive rate, given that this option will be as quick as courier delivery. Allegro will offer free delivery and returns to Allegro Smart! members on orders of PLN 40 or more from a single seller. A great advantage of the Allegro network is the ability to send and track a package on one platform. The customer as well as the seller will not have to use any additional tools or applications. 

The first Allegro network partner is Kolporter.

“Our partnership with Allegro is important to us for several reasons.  Most importantly, we will offer our customers a service that is in high demand. More and more online shoppers choose to collect their order at a selected pick-up point. The scale of Kolporter’s network and its distribution across Poland offers access to this type of service to a great number of people. Crucially, our stores are among the few points of sale that are open from early in the morning until late in the evening. This is certainly an added value to those who would like to collect or send a parcel,” says Robert Szczepaniak, Marketing Director at Kolporter.

Allegro invests in fast delivery

This year, the Polish e-commerce leader also plans to launch its own network of  parcel locker systems for customers to collect and send parcels ordered on Allegro. The company is currently growing its base of parcel locker locations. If you are interested in sharing a site, submit your proposal at