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Allegro will move to new headquarters in 2021. The new office space will enable the company to even double the number of employees in Poznań.

January 19, 2021
  • Allegro has been offering Poles the largest selection of products at lowest prices for over 20 years. The platform, founded in Poznań, today has over 12.6 million customers, who can choose from 200 million offers.
  • Every day, innovative solutions for customers and merchants are created by a team of over 2,500 experts in Warsaw, Poznań, Toruń, Kraków, and Wrocław. Allegro employed nearly 700 new people in 2020 alone. They are launching their intensive recruitment processes for 2021, planning to increase employment by nearly 40%.
  • The implemented innovations and the dynamically growing team require investing in new office space. This is the third, but the most important investment in new Allegro offices, announced within a year, following Warsaw and Kraków.
  • The Allegro team in Poznań will move to Nowy Rynek, an office complex in the city centre. Allegro will occupy 10 storeys and 24,600 m² of space, with the possibility of further expansion to 29,700 m2.

Allegro is a platform used by 12.6 million customers, where over 125,000 companies are doing business. Every day, innovative solutions for customers and merchants are created by over 2,500 employees in Poznań, Warsaw, Kraków, Toruń, and Wrocław. The company employed in 2020 alone nearly 700 experts working entirely remotely, and this year will hire almost 40% more.

2021 at Allegro is not only a time of intensive recruitment but mainly innovation. In the coming year quarters, the company will focus on streamlining deliveries, developing artificial intelligence and new solutions on the platform for customers and merchants. In each of these areas Allegro is running numerous recruitment processes – over 330 people will join Poznań team only  in 2021.

  • “Allegro is developing at an incredible pace. In just one quarter, the number of clients increased by a number greater than the population of Katowice - 300,000 new customers have started to shop on Allegro, and they can choose from over 200 million offers. The printed catalog with all Allegro offers would be 10 kilometers thick! It is natural that we want to provide our customers and merchants with the best experience and implement innovations at a satisfactory pace, so we need talented people, and not only in the field of technology. We invest in new offices to provide employees with the best working space that supports creativity and their development and favor team integration- all this wrapped up in a great design, the best location and practical and ecological solutions. Our recruitment plans for 2021 are really ambitious - hiring 950 new employees to our team.” said Francois Nuyts, CEO of Allegro.

The Poznań site is the largest Allegro office and has been its original headquarters since the establishment of the company. Over 1,300 people work in the capital city of Wielkopolska on a daily basis: IT, corporate team, customer service employees, as well as a large part of the commercial team. Moving to the new office in Poznań will be the largest logistics undertaking in the history of the company's offices.

The new Allegro offices have always attracted a lot of attention due to the interesting design of the offices and eco-friendly solutions. This time it won't be different. Allegro will move to the centre of Poznań, where 10 storeys are rented in the Nowy Rynek building constructed by Skanska. The first teams are to move to the new office in the middle of 2021. There will be a year transition period during which Allegro employees will stay in two offices. Allegro employed 1,300 people in the recent office, and now it will be able to hire up to 2,700. Nowy Rynek is Allegro's third investment in office space in 2021, following the previously announced Kraków and Warsaw offices.

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