Corporate News sums up historic year with an ESG Report assembled with the engagement of its employees

August 12, 2021
  • The in-depth report underlines Allegro Group’s commitment to manage Poland’s most recognisable e-commerce brand responsibly and sustainably, while creating a friendly, diverse, and equal work environment. 
  • Allegro Group is on track to be the platform for sustainable shopping, helping customers make ever more responsible choices.
  • The company extended PLN 490 million in assistance to its employees, customers, merchants as well as the Polish society and healthcare professionals, and also launched a number of initiatives to fight the negative effects of COVID-19. Furthermore, Allegro helped merchants, while its employees were engaged in a volunteering program, supporting local communities and health care.
  • Allegro proudly operates in Poland, which is also where it pays its taxes. In 2020, the Allegro Group paid almost PLN 0.9 billion in VAT and CIT, or around a third of the planned state expenses on higher education and science in 2021.
  • Read our full ESG Report here. presents its extensive ESG Report covering 2020, a year marked so painfully by the COVID-19 pandemic which gave many Environmental, Social and Governance issues new meanings. The first such report since its debut on the Warsaw bourse, assembled with the engagement from and under the guidance of its own employees, underlines Allegro Group’s commitment to taking on the role of a leader in sustainable and responsible development. As Poland’s e-commerce platform of choice we have taken action to support our employees, customers, merchants, as well as the Polish health service, with the total value of Allegro’s assistance reaching PLN 490 million last year. The initiatives included considerable donations to the local healthcare system, countless hours of employee volunteering, free SMART! subscriptions for all customers and support packages for merchants.

“COVID-19 has been just another proof of what a difference companies can make if they put their principles into practice. This has been our story from the day our company was created 20+ years ago, and this is what our ESG Report for 2020 shows. As a marketplace company, we focus on enabling and supporting other Polish enterprises. As the leading e-commerce platform we also want to lead in the ongoing sustainability drive by example,” said Allegro CEO, Francois Nuyts. “We are a platform of growth for around 130,000 merchants, who can reach over 13m of our active buyers. We are also a company supporting over 3,000 of our employees and holding ourselves accountable for advancing diversity and inclusion across our operations. All our actions, including our new parcel locker network, address environmental issues by our drive toward lowering our carbon footprint. An extraordinary company for extraordinary times, as our employees put it themselves.”

Growth in key metrics thanks to the accelerating online shopping trend, which the report dwells upon in detail, has also accelerated the company's efforts to further transform and improve as part of its 2020-2023 Sustainability strategy. Allegro wants to be the platform for sustainable shopping, helping customers make responsible choices, while continuing to support its merchants in growing their businesses. Seen as the company of choice for many a talent, Allegro also places itself at the forefront of diversity and inclusion across its teams. 

----- 2020 ESG report was created in accordance with the international reporting standard Global Reporting Initiative, in the Core compliance option. Additionally, the Report includes TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) indicators, as well as SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation) as well as company indicators. The report also includes references to the ESG Reporting Guidelines of the Stock Exchange (WSE) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The Report also indicates examples of compliance with and implementation of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact, as well as a reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Many people from the individual teams and the managers of,, and other Group companies were involved in the works on the report. The photos published in the report come from photo sessions with our employees in Poznań and Warsaw. The report includes over 25 videos and nearly 40 statements from Allegro Group employees and the management team from various departments, areas as well as cities, who talk about their projects, initiatives and results. All videos are also available on YouTube.

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