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An average of over 35 copies sold per minute - a summary of 2020 in the book category on Allegro

March 18, 2021
  • In 2020, over 18 million books were sold on Allegro.
  • Record number of copies purchased by one user is 11,482.
  • Most books are sold on Mondays and Sundays.

The book category on Allegro offers a wide selection - from fantasy, through fiction to cuisine. Last year, over 18 million books were bought on Allegro, an average of 35 copies per minute!

Book sales on Allegro are growing year by year, achieving remarkable growths in 2020. Every sixth person on Allegro has purchased at least one book this year and the record holder bought a staggering number of 11,482 copies. In times of digital culture dominance, widespread access to smartphones and tablets, and low level of readership, these data inspire optimism. - says Jacek Weichert, director of Culture and Entertainment, Collections and Art segment on Allegro.

Purchasing trends

Last year, Allegro customers eagerly bought books for children and teenagers (29,2%). Apart from that, fiction was also on the podium (19,3%) - in this category, belles-lettres was the most popular one (37%). Schoolbooks are also bought invariably (14,9%) - they are in third place in terms of popularity. Interestingly, over 83% of all books sold on Allegro in 2020 were new ones.

Allegro also checked what women and men most often choose. It turns out that women are more likely to buy books on Allegro - this applies to 55% of all transactions in this category. The choices of both women and men are very similar - the first two places are occupied by children’s books and schoolbooks. The difference appears only at the third place - women are more likely to buy guides and albums, while men - scientific books.

Shopping behavior of customers on Allegro

When buying books, customers more often decide to make transactions on the computer (54%) more than on a smartphone (46%). There are also some trends in purchasing time. Most books are sold on Mondays and Fridays between 21:00 and 21:59. Last year, the peak in terms of purchases were on September 7th - customers bought 93 books per minute - and on December 14th - 91 books per minute.

Best-selling titles in 2020, regardless of release year*

  1. Kolejne 365 dni - Blanka Lipińska
  2. 365 - Blanka Lipińska
  3. Jadłonomia po polsku - Marta Dymek
  4. Pucio mówi dobranoc - Marta Galewska-Kustra
  5. Niesamowite przygody dziesięciu skarpetek - Justyna Bednarek
  6. Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien
  7. Pucio mówi dzień dobry - Marta Galewska-Kustra
  8. Felix, Net i Nika oraz Gang Niewidzialnych ludzi - Rafał Kosik
  9. Pucio zabawy gestem i dźwiękiem - Marta Galewska-Kustra
  10. Powrót z Bambuko - Katarzyna Nosowska

*the list doesn’t include schoolbooks 


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