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Black Week 2021: every third Pole buys exclusively online

November 15, 2021
  • Black Week on Allegro, an 8-day shopping festival, will run from Monday 22 November to Cyber Monday, 29 November.
  • Allegro’s Black Week includes products representing the most popular Allegro categories like electronics, gaming, household appliances, fashion, toys and much more, so there’ll be something for everyone.
  • Customers will enjoy fast and free delivery as part of the Smart! programme. Non-members can try out the Smart! na Start programme or buy an annual membership at a discounted price of PLN 39.

The end of the year is one of the busiest sales seasons in e-commerce, and Allegro is no exception. September’s Smart! Week is followed by November’s Black Week, eight days of generous discounts on the platform. The November shopping holiday has become a fixture in the Poles’ festive calendar. “We scale up the campaign every year, and we plan to do it again in 2021. The results of last year’s festival show that this isn’t just pure marketing and that it offers actual benefits to merchants and buyers. The merchants who joined Black Week on Allegro last year recorded 250–300% more products sold than on an average day. Those who offered free delivery as part of Allegro Smart! had even greater gains. 80% of our sales from Black Week special offers were generated by third-party merchants, usually small or medium-sized businesses,” said Aleksandra Sroka-Krzyżak, Strategy Director at Allegro.

As shown by this year’s survey conducted by Allegro and SW Research, as many as 30.1% of the respondents buy products on sale only in online stores (as compared to 20% who buy only in brick-and-mortar stores). Why is that? They want to save time (59.4%) and avoid crowds (51%) and they believe the range of products available online is wider and competitively priced (about 40%).

Importantly, nearly 7 in 10 respondents had already shopped for Black Week offers in the past, and nearly 90% said they had managed to get a truly satisfying deal in that period at least once. “Allegro makes sure that the prices offered during Black Week are attractive, and the discounts substantial. We’ve introduced many solutions to ensure that the prices are fair. One of them is the way we communicate the original price of the offers that were already available on our platform. We show the latest 4-week average as opposed to the last price before the item was discounted. This makes shopping on Allegro more transparent,” added Aleksandra Sroka-Krzyżak.

Until recently, Black Friday sales were largely associated with discounts on electronics. With more stores joining in every year, this perception is gradually changing. The respondents expect the best deals on fashion items (47.6%), white and brown goods (47.5%), said electronics (46.4%) and cosmetics/perfume (32.3%). The respondents’ interests differ clearly depending on their gender. Women plan to look for the best bargains mostly in fashion (nearly 48%). Cosmetics and perfume took the second spot, with 4 in 10 respondents looking forward to some beauty shopping. By contrast, men set their sights on electronics (36%) as well as brown and white goods (34.6%). Asked which online store offers the best prices during Black Week, most (18.5%) respondents named Allegro while a large electronics store came in second with under 12% mentions.

And since the discounts are substantial, does it mean that shoppers sometimes get carried away and impulse shop? Yes, it does! 9 in 10 people admitted they had bought something in the past because they had been driven by a good Black Week deal rather than an actual need. Interestingly, impulse buying occurs with similar intensity regardless of reported income or place of residence. More than 54% of the respondents also hold off their autumn shopping, counting on better deals during Black Week, especially in the categories that interest them most such as fashion, electronics and brown/white goods.

Black Week also marks the start of the Christmas shopping spree. According to the survey, more than 48% of the respondents had already used this sales event as an opportunity to buy gifts. 19.1% had never done it before but said they would use this year’s Black Week for this exact purpose. Now, how much do they expect to splurge this time? Most (21%) respondents said they planned to spend between PLN 251 and 500 while 16% even up to PLN 1000!

Black Week on Allegro starts on 22 November. The 8-day shopping festival offers buyers access to thousands of special offers on products from their favourite brands. Customers will enjoy fast and free delivery as part of the Smart! programme. Non-members can try out the Smart! na Start programme or buy an annual membership at a discounted price of PLN 39*. When using courier delivery service, the annual plan will already pay for itself after the third order.


The survey was commissioned by Allegro and conducted by SW Research. The agency surveyed a sample of 1065 Poles above the age of 16 representative of the population of Poland in terms of age, sex and geography. The data were collected between 25 and 27 October 2021 using e-questionnaires in an SW RESEARCH online panel.

*The annual Allegro Smart! package at a special price is available until December 23, 2021.