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Deliveries on the Allegro platform accelerate

September 2, 2020

Allegro is now displaying predicted delivery time and launched a special filter - available at every stage of purchase - that makes it easy to find offers with fast deliveries. Currently, Allegro customers can find approx. 66M offers with predicted delivery time within 1-2 days, which makes shopping on Allegro even more convenient in everyday life. Customers can easily track the purchased items throughout the delivery process: from the preparation of the parcel by the merchant through to delivery.

“We are introducing yet another improvement in shopping on Allegro. From now on customers can see the predicted delivery time and easily select offers with fast delivery. Currently approximately 66 million offers can be delivered at Allegro in 1-2 days, and already almost 80% of Allegro orders are delivered within 1-2 days. Thanks to this innovation we can offer our clients a world-class shopping experience” said Francois Nuyts, CEO of Allegro. “Speed and reliable delivery promise, in combination with free deliveries with Allegro Smart! and our large network of pick-up points, help us drive customer satisfaction and engagement. The predicted and fast delivery time will further increase the attractiveness of merchant’s offers on Allegro and, consequently, their sales” added Francois Nuyts.

According to the E-commerce in Poland 2020 industry report by Gemius, nearly 30% of Poles consider short delivery time in e-commerce important. On the other hand, surveys carried out among Allegro customers show that predictable delivery time is important when making purchase decisions. The possibility of finding and buying products with fast delivery within 1–2 days, which is currently being introduced on Allegro, is useful in many situations in life, e.g. when it turns out that we are going away for a weekend or on holidays very shortly and need to buy a gift at short notice, or quickly replace something at home or at the company, make a renovation or for other items for important occasions.

Benefits for customers

Offers with fast delivery are now marked in the list of offers as “Delivered today”, “Delivered tomorrow” or “Delivered the day after tomorrow”. Thanks to the new delivery time filter, customers can easily find offers with the most suitable delivery times already when searching for items. Customers can access delivery information at any time while shopping: while browsing the list of offers, on the listing page and in the purchase summary, as well as on the “My Purchases” tab, where the item’s journey from the preparation of the parcel by the merchant through to delivery can be easily tracked.

… and for merchants

The offers with fast delivery time tend to be selected more often compared to other offers. For the merchants on Allegro - who improve the quality of their offers eg. by using Allegro’s delivery contracts with logistic carriers with very attractive terms of cooperation - this means greater demand from customers, which translates into more opportunities to make a sale.

Constant improvements and growing demand on Allegro encourage more and more companies to start selling on Allegro. In 2019, over 20,000 companies registered on Allegro, and over 15,000 already in 2020.

How delivery promise works

Accurate prediction of delivery time was implemented by a large team of specialists in the field of logistics, machine learning and AI. The feature is made possible thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, as hundreds of millions of transactions on Allegro are analysed in a historical perspective and data is collected in real-time directly from over 117,000 merchants and from logistics partners. Due to the considerable marketplace complexity and the huge number of businesses providing data, it is a unique solution on a global scale. Thanks to this innovation customers shopping on Allegro will always see the same clear information about when their parcel will arrive.