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Get Dada products without leaving home – Biedronka launches its first private label store on Allegro

July 9, 2021

Dada, a popular private label by the retail chain Biedronka, has just launched its official store on Allegro. This is good news to all parents who value quality baby care and hygiene products and convenient solutions. The range of products includes the only nappies and nappy pants in Poland to be designed in partnership with the Institute of Mother and Child.

The high quality of the nappies has made Dada the long-time number 1 as the most-chosen nappy brand in Poland*. Now you can get the nappies and nappy pants basically without leaving home as Dada has just launched its official store on the popular Polish platform Allegro.

“We know that young parents could use every minute of extra time, which is why we decided to open an official Dada store on one of the most popular Polish e-commerce platform, Allegro. We hope that this solution will make it even easier for our customers and Allegro users to access quality baby products,” says Estera Rink, Category Director at Biedronka.

The Dada store on Allegro offers a wide range of products, including two lines of nappies, Dada Extra Soft and Dada Extra Care. Available in sizes 3–6, Dada Extra Soft nappies use extra-absorbent channels to distribute moisture quickly and evenly. Nappies from the new Dada Extra Care line immediately absorb moisture and keep it away from the skin to protect the microbiome, the natural microflora of the baby’s skin. Dada Extra Care sizes start at 1 and go all the way to 6, and we also offer Dada Extra Care Pants in three sizes for active children.

Products are available here:

“The baby care product category on Allegro is growing rapidly year over year. Fast delivery, attractive prices and wide choice make Poles buy all their household supplies on Allegro. Dada is a very recognisable brand that parents trust and that is a perfect addition to our selection of the most popular baby products, from toys to care products and food to clothes and gadgets for older children,” says Beata Podleśna-Gumkowska, Baby and Supermarket Segment Director, Allegro.

For years, Dada has been committed to being there for Polish families and supporting them in important moments. It is with new parents in mind that the brand has moved ahead with its Paczka Powitalna campaign into its second year. As part of the campaign, Biedronka delivers parcels with Dada products straight to homes, having already distributed 98,000 parcels to date.

Allegro is the first-choice platform for Polish consumers. Allegro is a marketplace for businesses, especially all B2C businesses, looking to sell new products. The e-commerce platform attracts an average of 21 million users a month, which accounts for 66% of the total Polish population aged 16 and over and 78% of all Internet users in Poland.

*Ontex for GfK. Household panel. Baby nappies and nappy pants. Total Poland, shopping frequency between Jul 2019 and Jun 2020. Brand: Dada.