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More than 210,000 listings for books and comics: Allegro Lokalnie Book Week

April 20, 2021
  • You can save an average of nearly 40% on best-selling titles by buying used books.
  • The top buyer bought 665 books for a total of PLN 45,000.
  • Users who list a book during the Allegro Lokalnie Book Week from 19 to 26 April will receive a discount on their next purchase and other benefits.

People who buy second-hand items are most likely to look for not only clothes but also...books. According to a survey by SW Research commissioned by Allegro Lokalnie, nearly 39% of all respondents reported that used products they buy include clothes, furniture as well as books. This is especially popular among people aged 16–24. Data also show that used books can deliver average savings of 40%. For example, readers can place a PLN 1 bid for the best-selling novel The Hobbit or buy it now for PLN 10; the latest book by Remigiusz Mróz, Afekt, is available at PLN 20 in mint condition while prices for novels by Olga Tokarczuk start at PLN 5.

“By holding the Allegro Lokalnie Book Week, we mainly hope to encourage customers to give their books a second life. The annual spring clean is the perfect opportunity to consider selling the titles you’ve already read and make room for new ones. With Allegro Lokalnie, you can do it fast and for free, and the item you sell can be delivered to more than 30,000 pick-up points and parcel lockers. Our customers’ transactions show that second-hand items can be resold at a strong profit; the record for most books sold by a single user in the last 12 months was more than 1,000 copies totalling over PLN 55,000,” says  Karol Czupryński, Director, Allegro Lokalnie.

The most popular categories on Allegro Lokalnie are fantasy, crime fiction as well as biography and memoir. The top three authors are Stephen King, Andrzej Sapkowski and J.K. Rowling, while the best-selling titles are As a Man Thinketh by James Allen and Tirem do Iranu by Adam Frąckowiak. The top buyer bought as many as 665 books for a total of over PLN 45,000. The data show that most used books listed on Allegro Lokalnie were published in 2015–2016, suggesting that people usually sell books after 5 years. Moreover, Allegro Lokalnie is a treasure trove of really valuable and rare copies or entire collections of books. Examples include a 20-volume collection of the legendary European Football Yearbook covering seasons from 1988/89 to 2020/11 (sold at PLN 4,700) and a 1951 Chinese book made by famous Chinese artists using traditional printing techniques (sold at PLN 4,667). Also, comic book enthusiasts could bid for The Complete Peanuts, 1950 to 1990 (sold at PLN 3,500).

The Allegro Lokalnie Book Week will last from 19 to 26 April. Every user who lists a book for sale in that period will receive 5 Coins they can redeem to save PLN 5 on their next purchase on using the Allegro mobile app. In addition, every seller will receive a free audiobook and e-book from the list of the top 20 most popular books compiled by Legimi, a partner of the event. Users can choose from titles such as The Queen’s Gambit, Powrót z Bambuko, Królestwo and Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and many others.

One of the partners of the Allegro Lokalnie Book Week is Fundacja ABCXXI Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom, a charitable foundation whose mission is to promote reading among children and young people. The foundation is currently raising funds on Allegro Lokalnie to buy books and toys for prison nurseries at correctional facilities in Grudziądz and Krzywaniec. If you would like to join the cause, you can put an item up at the fundraiser or bid for one on charity auctions.

To support the fundraiser, visit

Click here to learn more about the Allegro Lokalnie Book Week.

The partners of the Allegro Lokalnie Book Week are Legimi, Fundacja ABCXXI Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom and Lubimyczytać.pl.


The survey was commissioned by Allegro Lokalnie and conducted by SW Research. The agency surveyed a sample of 1,009 Poles above the age of 16 representative of the population of Poland in terms of age, sex and size of residence. The data were collected between 26 and 27 January 2021 using computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) in an SW RESEARCH online panel.