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Nearly 84% of Poles revamped their homes in the last 1.5 years

November 17, 2021
  • Allegro looks back on 2021 in the Home & Garden category, publishing a report entitled “A Self-Portrait of Polish Homes and Gardens”.
  • The Home & Garden category saw over 1 billion visits in the 10 months of 2021.
  • Statistically, every Pole bought 7 Home & Garden items on Allegro.

According to a survey conducted by SW Research for Allegro, nearly 84% of Poles decided to revamp their homes in the last 18 months. Nearly 22% admitted that the changes were extensive. What did they take into account when redecorating their houses or flats? Most respondents (about 58%) named usability and practicality while about 48% - the price. They felt similarly about gardens or balconies, with as many as 80% deciding to shake things up in recent months. In this case, however, the key factors they considered when redoing their garden or balcony were easiness to maintain (62.9%), aesthetic value (50,4%), plants resistance to pests and weather conditions (42%), followed by price at 35%.

The large popularity of the Home & Garden category among online shoppers also came through in Allegro results, with more than 300 million products sold in this segment between January and the end of October 2021. On average, this means nearly 695 items added to the cart every minute every day. How about the peak shopping time on Allegro? Most buyers turned up on Monday after 9 pm.

The most popular segments on Allegro were decorations and ornaments, tableware, and kitchen accessories. Interestingly, buyers became significantly more interested in plants. It might seem that this segment is very difficult to adapt to e-commerce, and yet the interest is enormous. In just 9 months of this year, the platform saw over 13 million items sold in the Plants category, monsteras being an undeniable best-seller.

Japandi, boho and art deco reigned supreme in home decor while gardens were all about sustainability. Allegro customers were usually looking for pet-friendly solutions, wildflower meadow and houses for insects and birds. More and more often, garden designs featured flower beds inspired by nature, i.e. using wild species native to the area or drought-tolerant plants. Much like a few decades ago, gardens nowadays also tend to feature materials such as natural stone, brick, gravel, old wood (or quality faux wood) as well as tree trunks and roots. A natural garden should also include a water source: stone cascades, ponds or miniature waterfalls.

2021 has seen very rapid growth in our category. By September, we recorded nearly 56% more offers than last year. We introduced popular brands such as Jula, Duka, Komfort, Legrand, Schneider. Naturally, this has been driven by the overall growth of online sales in all areas but also by a fairly strong trend among Poles, who have lately been eager to revamp their flats, houses, gardens and even balconies. Even though we probably didn’t spend as much time at home as last year, we still like to reorganise our interiors and surroundings. To make shopping even faster and more convenient for our customers, we’ve recently introduced many innovations. For instance, our Decorate Your Interior pages feature home decor ideas from the kitchen to the home office, including a base of products to put them into practice. We’ve also added a search-by-image feature to our search engine. That way, if you come across a lamp of your dreams or have a folder full of inspirations on your phone, you can add those photos while searching on Allegro, and we will suggest identical or similar products,” said Anna Krauze, Director of Home & Garden at Allegro.

With Christmas around the corner, it is hard not to mention holiday decorations. According to the survey conducted by SW Research for Allegro, only...4.6% of the respondents do not decorate their homes for Christmas or to celebrate traditions such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day. This also shows in Allegro search queries, especially those associated with Christmas. Every year, the holiday shopping season on Allegro starts earlier and earlier. In 2019 and 2020, Poles started buying Christmas tree baubles and ornaments in mid-October. In 2021, by contrast, they have been buying them...all year long! The sales figures were naturally lower in summer; still, the data show that winter decorations were searched for every month. Already by July, customers bought 5,500 baubles. And September 2021 alone saw 27% more baubles and Christmas trees sold than in September 2020.

What will Christmas trees look like this year? Poles stay true to classics: like every year, Christmas trees in Polish homes will glimmer with white, gold and red. Allegro search queries also show a strong return to tradition. For the first time, there are more searches for glass baubles than plastic ones. Interestingly, most baubles are sold on Allegro...on Sunday at 10 pm.

As every year, Poles already begin to buy Christmas trees in late September. This year, almost 30,000 were already sold on Allegro by mid-October. It is as if every citizen of Zakopane had already put up a Christmas tree from Allegro! Most users choose artificial trees (97% of all sales), followed by real, cut and, least frequently, potted trees.

Allegro customers are also increasingly likely to buy American-style decorations, e.g. artificial garlands. Already by mid-October 2021, more of them were sold than in the whole month of October 2020. When it comes to outdoor decorations, light curtains have reigned invariably for years. This year, however, customers focus on not only the shape and colour of the lights but also additional features, e.g. a remote or programming options.

For more details and conclusions about shopping trends, click here and read the report “A Self-Portrait of Polish Homes and Gardens”.

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Data source: all information regarding transactions on Allegro is based on the platform’s proprietary data. As of September 2021.

The survey was commissioned by Allegro and conducted by SW Research. The agency surveyed a sample of 1000 Poles above the age of 16 representative of the population of Poland in terms of age, sex and location. The data were collected between 11 and 13 October 2021 using e-questionnaires in an SW RESEARCH online panel.