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A new courier - pickpack - has joined Allegro Smart! - and offers 7 days a week same-day delivery in Warsaw

February 24, 2021
  • Already over 1.5 million Allegro offers have the option of same day delivery to the largest cities in Poland.
  • With the inclusion of a new courier - pickpack company - to the Allegro Smart! offer, even more customers will be able to take advantage of free delivery within a few hours after ordering
  • Allegro customers have been able to use the same-day delivery for over a year. Parcels are delivered to the 7 largest Polish cities by X-press Couriers company.

Over the last few years, delivery time has become increasingly important in online shopping. Customers are more and more interested in fast deliveries made within hours of ordering.  This is especially true for recurring purchases - such as products for children such as diapers, but also organic food or pet food.

Allegro understands this trend very well and, therefore fast and convenient deliveries are one of the main priorities of the platform's development.

- Thanks to the cooperation with the pickpack company, even more customers will receive their orders on the same day. Currently, approx. 80% of Allegro orders are delivered within 1 to 2 days. This is an excellent result, but we aim much higher. We are constantly working with our logistics partners to give customers a great shopping experience, right up to the moment they pick up their parcel. Customers are getting more and more delivery options - and they can choose what is the most important to them at the moment. And with Allegro Smart! whether they choose: pick-up at the point or same-day-delivery, they won't pay for shipping. For sellers, short delivery time is an opportunity to increase the attractiveness of offers, build a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction - said Łukasz Szczepański, DEX Director at  Allegro.

It is worth noting that the new courier will deliver orders to Allegro customers 7 days a week, thus strengthening the portfolio of express deliveries available on the platform.  At the moment, customers can use the pickpack services in Warsaw, but the companies are already working on extending the offer to other cities. 

Orders with same-day delivery were introduced by Allegro over a year ago, i.a. in Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Wrocław, and Katowice. The fact that offers with fast delivery times are becoming more and more popular was evident in the pre-Christmas period. According to Allegro, during the purchase peak at the end of 2020, customers chose same-day delivery for over 30,000 orders. The last placed order, which was received before Christmas Eve, was paid on 23 December at 3:42:04 PM. The customer received it in less than 4 hours thanks to X-press Couriers.

Fast deliveries benefit the merchants

Adding a new logistics operator to the Allegro offers Smart is also a cause for satisfaction for Allegro merchants. The platform data confirms that customers are significantly more likely to choose the offer with a short declared delivery time. In addition, customers can find these offers faster by using the "Delivery today" filter and special tags.

Shipping via PickPack or X-press Couriers is also financially attractive for merchants. Allegro launched its Fast Delivery Program in January. Merchants whose shipments are delivered to customers on the same or next day receive a transaction discount. Depending on the delivery method, it is up to PLN 3.99 per delivery.


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