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The new One Fulfillment by Allegro service moves into full swing, making deliveries even faster

January 25, 2022
  • One Fulfillment by Allegro is a comprehensive service for merchants that includes storing, packaging and delivering products, as well as customer service throughout the delivery process.
  • Following a successful pilot programme involving several dozen merchants, Allegro has launched the commercial phase of its logistics service One Fulfillment.
  • Starting January 24, Allegro accepts applications from new merchants.
  • Customers can count on even faster delivery times, while merchants will be able to offer even more attractive conditions, thus further increasing sales.
  • One Fulfillment will complement Allegro’s delivery model which is based primarily on merchants fulfilling their orders, which continues to be the priority for Allegro. By now nearly 80% of orders are delivered within 1-2 days.

Allegro launched One Fulfillment by Allegro last September. The pilot programme for the new logistics service involved several dozen platform merchants that benefited from efficient order distribution from the Allegro fulfillment center to offer their customers not only a wide selection of delivery options at attractive prices negotiated by Allegro, but also, ensure next-day delivery even if the order was placed late into the evening, as well as reduce the negative environmental impact of the supply chain (e.g., using eco-friendly packaging materials). Now new merchants can apply and join the service.

Businesses that sell on the platform can already apply for the programme at Once the applications are verified, Allegro will accept the merchants that meet specific criteria, in particular related to the delivery performance. The platform prepared a welcome package for new clients, waiving the basic fee and additional fees for the first month of service. In addition, they will enjoy a package of add-on features for their offers. The welcome package is valid for all businesses that join the programme by June 30.

Nearly 80% of all orders made on Allegro already reach customers within 1–2 days. With One Fulfillment by Allegro merchants will offer customers a wide choice of delivery methods and even shorter delivery times, including same day deliveries in key Metropolitan areas. Orders delivered by X-press Couriers that were paid by 10:00 a.m. (or 1:00 p.m. for orders delivered within Warsaw) will reach the customers on the same day. On working days Allegro will ship on the day of purchase all orders received before 7:00 p.m. The platform assumes full responsibility for the products, including any damage in transit to buyers.

“The idea behind One Fulfillment is very simple. Allegro takes care of logistics operations, allowing merchants to focus on enhancing their product range and  boosting sales. With One Fulfillment they can maintain high quality and throughput of deliveries, even during peak seasons, without the need to invest in warehousing space and professional equipment. At the same time, buyers benefit from faster and more sustainable deliveries,” says Grzegorz Czapski, Business Development Officer at Allegro. “30–40% of merchants on Allegro express interest in such logistics services. During the pilot phase, we saw that shorter delivery times offered by merchants through the One Fulfillment translated into an increase in their sales.”

The environmental aspect of the new One Fulfillment by Allegro was taken very seriously when designing the service. Allegro uses exclusively eco-friendly packaging materials such as certified packaging, paper tape and filler, and is implementing processes to minimise waste. By shipping parcels from a single site, allows reduces the number of courier trips and helps Allegro  to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2020–2023 company strategy, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Allegro currently uses a 36,500 sq m warehouse at A2 Warsaw Park. Nearly 2,800 sq m is occupied by offices and break rooms for employees to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for everyone. When completed, the operating area of the Allegro warehouse, including the internal mezzanine system, will total 65,300 sq m and offer 1,200 jobs.