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Now 5 free deliveries with Allegro “Smart! For the Start”

March 1, 2021
  • Allegro has launched the “Smart! na start” promotion, where customers receive 5 free deliveries as part of the Allegro Smart! service to use over a year.
  • The promotion is available to both new customers and those who had subscribed to Allegro Smart! before, letting them save even more money, and enjoy free shipping as well as free returns available for millions of products the service extends to.
  • Customers can activate the service until 31 May 2021 and there are no additional obligations on the platform, such as connecting a credit card.

Allegro Smart! is a service which lets Poles enjoy unlimited free deliveries to nearly 30,000 pick-up points and parcel lockers, and directly to their homes via courier. Currently, customers can choose from over 100 million offers that include the Allegro Smart! delivery option.

From 1 March the platform introduces a promotion, so that every customer can test Allegro Smart for a year. Users who activate "Smart! na Start" in this promotion will receive free deliveries on 5 orders with Allegro Smart! to be used within 12 months, together with free returns, as well as will receive access to special deals in the Smart! Zone and during the Smart! Week shopping festival.

“Millions of Poles love the Allegro Smart! service, which allows saving on deliveries and returns, and gives access to unique Smart Okazje. The new promotion "Smart to start" will allow everyone to try how convenient and economical shopping with Allegro Smart!  Those who activate the promotion from 1 March to 31 May will receive 5 free deliveries that they can take advantage of over a year. Customers can enjoy free deliveries from as little as 40 PLN on lockers/points and from 80PLN on courier from a single seller” said Michał Owerczuk Smart and Loyalty Programs Director at Allegro . 

The promotion is offered to all Allegro customers who do not have active Allegro Smart! subscription. What's more, there are no additional obligations, such as connecting a credit card or cancelling the service after the promotion expires. After a year or once the customers have used up the free deliveries, Allegro will cancel the promotion without any additional formalities. If they choose to do so, customers will be able to continue using the service on regular terms: as an annual package for PLN 4.08 per month or a monthly package for PLN 10.99.

For over two years, millions of Poles have been using Allegro Smart! on a regular basis

Offers that include Allegro Smart! free delivery and returns, currently at over 100 million, are clearly marked. Free delivery is offered for orders from a single merchant for a minimum of PLN 40.00 with delivery to parcel lockers and pick-up points, and for a minimum of PLN 80.00 with delivery by courier throughout Poland. The network of almost 30,000 parcel lockers and pick-up points created by Allegro is the largest in Poland. Since the launch of Allegro Smart! in 2018, customers taking advantage of the shopping platform have saved over PLN 1,9 billion solely on deliveries.  


Now 5 free deliveries with Allegro “Smart! For the Start”