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Over 150 charities on Allegro Lokalnie to help implement important local initiatives

December 21, 2020
  • Over the course of 4 months, 65% of all charities on Allegro Lokalnie have collected 100% of the planned amount - in total they collected almost 165 thousands PLN.
  • Users can choose a specific goal and donate from 10% to 100% of the price of the sold product.

Engagement in problems of the local community and help in solving them are extremely important for Poles. Especially in this pre-Christmas time, we are looking for initiatives in which we could get involved. Thanks to the charities on Allegro Lokalnie, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Poland for private buyers and sellers, people can support local projects without leaving their homes, all year round.

Charities on Allegro Lokalnie allow people to support local communities and initiatives in a very simple and convenient way - while online shopping. Four months after the launch, all foundations, associations and schools active on Allegro Lokalnie have already collected nearly 160 thousands PLN. Comparing the amounts collected by other crowdfunding websites in Poland in the first months of their operations, charities on Allegro Lokalnie ranks very high among them in terms of the effectiveness of fundraising. We are glad that Allegro Lokalnie customers are so eagerly involved in the development of their neighbourhood, not only by setting up new charities, but also by putting up new their items for sale that support initiatives important to them - said Karol Czupryński, director of C2C segment in Allegro.

How can we help?
Allegro Lokalnie offers several ways to support local initiatives. First, we can put up our own item within selected charities. Search for a given initiative on Allegro Lokalnie and specify what percentage of sales (from 10% to 100%) should be allocated to a specific charity goal. The listed item will appear on both Allegro Lokalnie and, so the offer can reach even 18 million customers. Another way is to buy an item that supports the selected initiative. All we need to do is select a charity and check what offers have been put up on Allegro Lokalnie, and then take part in an auction or use the “Buy now” option. After paying for a selected item, the money will be transferred to the charity account. Importantly, Allegro Lokalnie allows us to support initiatives from all over Poland - living in Warsaw we can get involved in charity created by a community from Lower Silesia. Users can choose from over 140 initiatives supporting for example orphanages, shelters, or the needs of local schools or municipalities.

However, if you can’t find a specific initiative, and you really want to work for the local community, you can easily set up your own charity on Allegro Lokalnie. All you need to do is complete a simple application form and attach a certificate authorizing you to act on behalf of a given foundation, association, school or kindergarten. The application will be verified within 5 days and will appear on Allegro Lokalnie. It is great to be able to support your own neighbourhood and at the same time use, e.g. a renovated playground, a day-care room at school or art workshops for seniors.

Charities on Allegro Lokalnie and Polish and local initiatives
Charities on Allegro Lokalnie also mean different kinds of partnerships with large initiatives in Poland. Among others, it is Stowarzyszenie Małżonków i Partnerów Szefów Misji Dyplomatycznych-SHOM, which this year is organizing the International Christmas Charity online, to support those in need with additional funds in Poland. As a part of charity on Allegro Lokalnie we are able to buy about 200 items from around the world, e.g Colombian coffee or ecological products from Estonia. Allegro Lokalnie also cooperates with  Ogólnopolski Portal Domów Dziecka as a part of the campaign “Zbiórki od serca”. It is a unique initiative addressed to care and educational institutions, family orphanages and foster homes registered on By selling and buying items on Allegro Lokalnie, users can choose from 51 registered charities and make children's holiday dreams come true.