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Polish brands, polka dots, neon, bucket hats and worker boots: Allegro recaps the fashion trends of 2021

January 13, 2022
  • Allegro has published a new edition of its Polska Strojna report.
  • Fashion comprises nearly 40 million offers on Allegro.
  • In 2021, the category introduced 115 new sellers.

 Fashion is one of the most-visited categories on Allegro. Over 70 million items were sold in 2021, with customers enjoying a selection of nearly 40 million offers. Their number grew by more than 60% compared to 2020.

“2021 was another 12 months of rapid growth for the fashion category on Allegro. Our base grew to nearly 40 million offers, a year-on-year increase of over 60%! In that time, we started 115 new partnerships, adding brands such as Felina, Apart, Swiss, SKECHERS, Fila, CCC/Sprandi, Ryłko, PEPCO and Martes Sport to our range. 2021 was also a year of growth for children’s fashion on Allegro, especially in terms of Polish brands present on the platform. In recent months, we welcomed Nanaf Organic, EkoTuptusie, Lemigo and GoKids. It’s also worth noting that 2021 was a year of Polish fashion as we also ran the Allegro Projektownia campaign to support Polish artisanal fashion,” says Karol Czupryński, Interim Commercial Category Management Director.

More than 100 Polish businesses qualified for the Allegro Projektownia campaign. Ultimately, experts shortlisted 30 products Internet users could then vote for. In total, more than 5,000 votes were cast, and Allegro users as well as a jury panel led by Ewa Minge picked two winners. The Main Prize was awarded to Nashani for its long knitted coat (click here to watch a story on the winner’s studio). The Audience Award went to Baggage, a bag and rucksack manufacturer. 

Statistically, every Pole bought at least one fashion item on Allegro. What were the top choices and main trends this past year then? Did the comfy “work-from-home” fashion survive? Here are the most popular trends.

  1. Total white look (white was the second most chosen colour in women’s clothing on Allegro in 2021, with every tenth dress added to the cart being white).
  2. Nothing to hide (in particular, rising sales in crop tops, up 21% on Allegro compared to 2020). 
  3. Dots, spots and everything in between (more than 48,000 units of spotted women’s clothes were sold on Allegro, with DRESSES accounting for most sales at over 55%).
  4. Neon colours (nearly 35,000 searches for ‘neon’ and related phrases in 2021!).
  5. Back to office: timeless skirts and jackets (a 116% surge in interest on Allegro year on year).
  6. Fluffy furs and alpaca coats (August–September 2021 saw twice as many searches for ‘alpaca’ as in 2020)
  7. Bell-bottoms (nearly twice as many searches as in 2020).
  8. Bucket hats (over 52,000 bucket hats were sold on Allegro in 2021, an average of 8 hats every hour; at the maximum, this query was entered into Allegro’s search engine...1,399 times within 24 hours).
  9. Worker boots (more than 60 pairs are sold every day on Allegro, usually in black, beige or white).  

“Given the scale of shopping Poles do on Allegro, analysing fashion searches is like browsing the top fashion magazines. It is thanks to Allegro that worker boots, bucket hats and the all white look – the hottest fashion show trends – go straight to our customers’ wardrobes,” adds Karol Czupryński.

What exactly, then, did the shopping carts of men and women look like in 2021? Last year brought a breath of normalcy. Naturally, tracksuits continued to enjoy a great interest from women shopping on Allegro, but we also saw a comeback of elegant outfits such as waistcoats and even evening gowns. The return to social gatherings could also be seen in searches for...lingerie. Bra accessories, i.e. all kinds of tape, adhesive bras, non-standard straps, etc., saw a surge of more than 60% compared to 2020. Allegro users were also definitely more likely to buy tights and bathing suits than a year before. In footwear, sales were dominated by sports shoes, just like every year. However, people going out and travelling more often led to a resurgence of ankle boots, snow boots, especially moon boots (an increase in sales of over 411%!), and wellington boots.

Men’s choices also reflected the return to office and social gatherings. Compared to 2020, there was a noticeable surge of interest in suits, jackets and outer garments. When searching for footwear on Allegro, men also usually opt for sports shoes. However, the remaining searches reaffirmed the trend for more frequent travelling as 2021 saw a significant increase of interest in wellington boots, trekking boots, snow boots (a triple-digit growth, much like in women’s footwear) and...stylish Chelsea boots.

2021 saw an explosion of choice in Polish children’s fashion. All brands are available in a special zone. Generally, the most popular items in the category were trousers, T-shirts, hats and scarves. Footwear saw a growing interest in ankle boots, derby shoes and slippers. Also, two weeks of really heavy snowfall early in the year caused an enormous surge in searches for snow boots.

An e-commerce platform available 24/7, Allegro offers buyers access to more than 135,000 sellers and more than 250 million offers.

The report is available HERE.