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Small household appliances, books or clothes - what Poles most often sell after Christmas on Allegro Lokalnie

December 28, 2020
  • With Allegro Lokalnie we can reach 18 million customers.
  • Within two weeks after Christmas, the RTV and household appliances category has the greatest increase.
  • Customers most often purchase books, games and fashion accessories, such as handbags and jewelry in the post-Christmas time.

Christmas is, among other things, a time of giving each other presents. Gifts might be creative, original, funny, sometimes surprising, perfectly suited to the tastes of a given person or… not. What if we get another coffee machine or a book that we have already read? Allegro Lokalnie comes to the rescue with a special offer for sellers as a part of the “Sell unwanted gift” campaign.

By observing the behavior of our consumers in the post-Christmas time, we are able to determine what the trends related to unwanted presents will look like. Considering how willing we are to give books as gifts, this is one of the most popular categories on Allegro Lokalnie in this period. We hope that this year it will invariably be on the podium in terms of sales and the books will find new owners. I am convinced that everyone will find something for themselves from more than 150 thousands offers in this category. We are glad that users use Allegro Lokalnie so eagerly and even missed gifts may receive a second life after Christmas - said Karol Czupryński, director of C2C segment in Allegro.

What do we sell after Christmas?
In the two weeks following Christmas, the largest increases are observed in the consumer electronics and household appliances category - including mainly small household appliances. As the numbers indicate, coffee machines or vacuum cleaners may not be the best choices for Christmas presents. Books and games (mainly console games) category comes second. Perhaps users more and more often after reading a given title or finishing the entire game decide to give them a "second life". The podium ends with the clothing category. In the previous year every fifth offer at the end of December was related to clothes, which may indicate a sale related to unwanted gifts. Among new offers the most popular are dresses and jackets. In addition, significant increases in new offers are noticeable in the category of car accessories and parts. When it comes to selling time, “second-hand” new console offers disappear the fastest - they don't even need a day to find a new owner. It is similar in the case of RTV equipment - customers are able to buy a TV set at a good price within several hours from its appearance on the site.

As part of the "Sell unwanted gift" campaign, sellers will be able to benefit from the distinction of their offers for 1 PLN. They will be visible as highlighted both on Allegro Lokalnie and they will reach all users visiting Allegro - 18 millions of customers. The special offer will be available from December 28th to January 25th and is valid for all categories except cars. Additionally, each seller on the day following the offer will be able to collect a code entitling him to buy Deli coffee at Shell stations for 1 PLN. All those who start their adventure by selling an unwanted gift on Allegro Lokalnie will not incur any additional fees in the case of sale.

What do we purchase after Christmas?
Based on the data from last year, Allegro Lokalnie customers most often bought fashionable accessories, such as handbags or jewelery, in the post-Christmas period, which was probably related to the celebration of the New Year. In addition, home furnishings, with an emphasis on lighting, were also very popular. Car accessories closed the podium. The first days of January are the period of New Year's resolutions, and with them the popularity of the gym and fitness category is growing - especially exercise clothes and accessories. Increases in purchases in these categories significantly deviate from the average number and value of purchases compared to the end of the year.

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