Corporate News

Vouchers for telemedicine services available on Allegro

December 29, 2020
  • A new category - telemedicine - appeared on Allegro in December.
  • Allegro customers will get access to vouchers for medical services provided via chat or teleconsultation.
  • All merchants within the category will be strictly verified.

In December we started a completely new journey on Allegro. We’ve introduced a possibility to buy vouchers for telemedicine. We’ve already signed contracts with and Telemedico. Other well-known companies will join our merchants soon. We aim to have a large selection of consultations with doctors of many specializations, provided by various reputable suppliers. It’s an excellent proof that Allegro is open to merchants representing any industry who want to effectively reach buyers  - said Damian Zapłata, Allegro Chief Commercial Officer.

Although telemedicine has its limitations, it is becoming a quick and effective way to consult everyday health problems. It is the doctor who decides whether in a given case contact via phone is enough to make a full diagnosis and plan treatment. In case of any doubts, the patient is encouraged to have a traditional visit or home visit.

Allegro customers may choose filters in which specialization they are interested in and make a purchase. Afterwards, they'll immediately receive detailed information from the seller how to use the voucher.

All Allegro partners will be verified. Offers can be added only by merchants who meet all the requirements from the regulations, positively passed the verification of permits to conduct medical activities and signed a contract with Allegro.

Full offer is available here.