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Occasional sales are growing - 82% of online shoppers buy and sell second-hand goods online

Grudzień 3, 2020

Growing popularity of Allegro Lokalnie

  • Within the year Allegro Lokalnie won customers' hearts and ranked in TOP 10 e-commerce platforms in Poland according to the September’s Gemius/PBI Research.
  • In recent months C2C sales were dominated by lifestyle categories such as gaming, music, movies, electronic devices and hobby (e.g. photography). Used home and office equipment had a large share in sales too.

Allegro Lokalnie is a platform created for those who sell goods occasionally. In recent months the platform sales have been continuing to accelerate. The average Allegro Lokalnie buyer does not differ significantly demographically from a typical online buyer (just a little bit younger) However, some chosen categories have users with specific (but predictable) habits.

Our customers appreciate comprehensive offers and safety of transactions made on Allegro Lokalnie. They trust Allegro brand and now they see that the same level of customer service excellence and innovations have been transferred to our marketplace connecting local sellers and buyers. Quick and easy searching, no fees for publishing offers, fast online payments and safe transactions up to 10 000 zł - these are just a few advantages of Allegro Lokalnie. To make the shopping experience even better and safer we continuously improve Allegro Lokalnie, just recently we introduced 'Seller verification badges' which gives potential buyers additional information to finalize transactions. Additionally, at the beginning of December, we will add an option with sending packages via Allegro Paczkomaty InPost service. Thanks to this change, buyers and sellers will be able to benefit from Allegro's cooperation with Inpost: cheaper delivery fee (8,99zł) and easier sending packages - commented Karol Czupryński, C2C Segment Director.

The gaming category accounts for over 15 % of Allegro Lokalnie sales. More than half of this segment are games and consoles. Among the most popular devices in recent months were PS4 and Xbox One. An interesting trend is the sales double increase in March and April - this category was gaining in popularity due to limited access to other sources of entertainment at this time.

The second largest category on Allegro Lokalnie - hobby - was dominated by photographic accessories. Just these transactions were estimated at over PLN 1.5 million in recent months. However, also the segment of audio equipment and musical instruments has been developing dynamically.

The third largest category in the last 10 months were electronic devices. It seems that Allegro Lokalnie became a popular place to sell used phones and mobile devices. Most popular brands were Samsung and Apple. What’s more, 20% of all smartphone offers are sold in less than 12 hours from the date the offer was published.

Other interesting trends were reported in house & garden, which was one of the most dynamic categories on Allegro Lokalnie with a big sales peak in May naturally related to spring and May long weekend. Also sale of used home and office equipment had a large share.

However, what’s even more interesting, the collectibles & art category, dominated by numismatics, more than doubled compared to the beginning of the year. One of the reasons why Allegro Lokalnie is often chosen are safe payment methods. Users trust the platform and aren’t afraid to make big transactions fully online. Among most expensive purchases made on Allegro Lokalnie in recent months were:

  • Mercedes truck engine for PLN 60 000
  • Sigismund III Vasa thaler from 1630 for PLN 30 000
  • Antique bedroom for over PLN 20 000 (free delivery included)
  • Pontoon boat ZODIAC for PLN 16 000
  • Australian silver coins for PLN 10 000