Our business model

Our business model

Allegro's strategy

The Allegro platform creates powerful network effects that benefit both buyers on the demand side as well as merchants on the supply side, which we call the "flywheel."

As more merchants join the platform, the breadth of the products offered increases and price competitiveness improves. This, in turn, leads to increases in the number of buyers browsing and purchasing on the Group's e-commerce marketplace.

Allegro Strategy

We provide a platform of tools and services to merchants

to help them grow sales on our platform, such as Allegro Smart!, tools to monitor sales performance, integration with payment providers and delivery solutions.

Allegro generates revenue primarily through facilitating transactions between buyers and merchants and charging merchants commissions and other fees. We also earn advertising revenue by providing advertising opportunities to brands and merchants.

main task

How we operate

how we operate

At Allegro we focus on delivering the best shopping experience to customers and great business opportunities to merchants.

We focus on their needs, which inspire us to create innovative solutions in which business and technology come together. They make the entire shopping process fast, easy and secure.