We want to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their purchases.

Each project we launch is designed with the customers and businesses that sell on our platform in mind.

We are constantly innovating to make shopping on Allegro easier, more convenient and more pleasant.

we want to ensure
5000 individuals

The Allegro team is made up of over 5000 individuals with an entrepreneurial mind-set and focus on constant improvement and innovation. We create convenient solutions to serve the actual needs of clients and each time we test those solutions to make sure we offer exactly what they need.

90 full-stack agile tech teams

All the Allegro innovations translate into sophisticated tech solutions developed in-house, by our own team of experts. We have 90 full-stack agile tech teams that include AI and machine learning teams, product teams and design teams. In 2020, we launched an in-house data and artificial intelligence solutions team with approximately 100 data scientists, engineers and AI researchers.

1490 integration tests

The Allegro technology platform is changing literally by the hour, with an average of 110 product releases and 1490 integration tests conducted each day. We support merchants and communicate with them transparently as we transform the platform. We work hard to make sure they understand the rationale behind the changes we make and that we give them enough time and support to adjust their businesses.

Allegro Smart!

Allegro Smart! has entered the everyday language as a synonym of convenient and economical online shopping. Smart! brought down the biggest barrier for clients to move more of their shopping online - the delivery cost. For an annual fee of PLN 49, it offers free delivery and free returns to pick up points.

One of the best-rated Allegro services has saved customers a total of nearly PLN 4 billion on free delivery and returns alone.
The savings, the simplicity of the service and the ability to couple it with other benefits, e.g. special offers for Smart! members, access to presales and interest-free shopping credit with Allegro Pay, allowed the number of users to exceed 5 million!

Allegro Smart

Delivery Promise

Delivery experience remains the key area of our innovation.

We know clients expect their products to be delivered quickly, reliably and cheaply. Approximately 75% of the products sold on the platform are delivered within one to two days and approximately 30% even the next day. Just recently, we have introduced what we call ‘delivery promise’, which means that clients can get clear information about the time their package is delivered. This is a world-scale innovation in a marketplace model, where we need to combine data from over 100 thousand independent merchants, cross reference them with delivery times of multiple carriers and take into consideration other aspects, such as national holidays. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, we are able to predict the delivery time with 95% accuracy. This means that Allegro clients can easily plan their shopping and compare offers to find the one they can take home the fastest.

delivery promise

Allegro Pay

Allegro Pay provides Allegro customers with financial solutions which allow them to easily and safely seal their purchases here and now, while spreading the payment over time - in 30 days or in convenient monthly installments.

Allegro Pay is one of the most flexible payment solutions available across e-commerce [in the region]. It offers customers a pre-approved purchasing limit of up to PLN 4,200, which is activated through a simple application form that can be filled within 15 seconds - no additional documents are required and the decision is granted in real-time. Under Allegro Pay, customers are able to easily and safely use the buy-now-pay-later option, which enables them to defer the payment by up to 30 days or choose between convenient installment plans (both paid and free) with tenures from 3 up to 20 months. We also provide a dedicated dashboard for managing transactions and repayments.

Financial Services

Allegro Ads

Allegro Ads is a system for promoting offers within the platform.

It provides merchants with self-service tools and data- and profile-based ad targeting. Allegro Ads offers three formats: sponsored offers, display ads and external network ads, which displays Allegro offers on Facebook and Google's platforms. Merchants pay a fixed cost-per-click fee, so they can rely that their investment into extra advertising will actually bring more customers to their store.

Allegro Ads


Together with eBilet we are able to offer clients an entirely new proposition - selling experiences and not just products.

eBilet is a leader in online sales of tickets for concerts and other entertainment, cultural and sporting events in Poland. Smart! clients could take part in several pre-sales to concerts of top Polish and international performers, most of them being sold out in a matter of minutes.