In the community

In the community

Sustainable development and social activity are embedded in Allegro's business model

Our responsibility to our customers, merchants, and employees, as well as our care for the environment are our most important commitments.

The Allegro ecosystem is an important part of the Polish economy and society creating dozens of thousands of jobs contributing to the development of e-commerce and digital transformation of Polish companies.

sustainable development

Our CSR strategy 2020-2023

Allegro as a platform to make sustainable choices
Enabling our customers to make more sustainable choices
Allegro as the place to do business
Improving merchants experience and supporting prospect entrepreneurs
Allegro as a good citizen
Addressing development challenges through education and charity work, and better management of own footprint
Allegro as the best place for employee development
Creating a challenging yet caring working environment in which diverse people can thrive

We are democratizing easy 24/7 access

to the widest possible selection of products for everyone including rural areas of Poland.

This is possible thanks to an already huge and continuously growing selection of products at attractive prices, which encourage more and more customers to shop on our platform.

Our deliveries can reach any place in Poland, thanks to our delivery network which is the broadest in the country and includes 25,000 pickup points and lockers. The launch of the Allegro Smart! free delivery program in 2018 was a huge step-up in the convenience of using Allegro and Allegro Smart! is already available in more than half of the offers on Allegro.

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Being a marketplace we also focus on enhancing merchant experience

We want to ensure Allegro is a place where merchants can grow their business, especially micro and small entrepreneurs

We are driving the digitalization of the Polish economy - 20,000 merchants started selling on Allegro in 2019 – with a further 15,000 joining the platform in just the first half of 2020. We keep investing into the merchant ecosystem of tools and services - in 2019 we invested PLN 700 million. Most active merchants were able to increase their sales by 119% in 2019.

being a marketplace


Our Strategy for 2020-2023

is to focus even more on sustainability issues

That includes the better management of our own footprint, by steadily greening our business operations along with educating our merchants and consumers. Since the very beginning of our journey, Allegro has been proving that technology not only makes shopping easier and supports business development but can also help to solve many problems of the present day. Allegro pursues its social mission in partnership with over 100 public benefit organizations, foundations and individuals through charity activities, in addition to our Allegro All For Planet Foundation, which organizes the ““Ride Kilometers” program that promotes pro-health and pro-environmental attitudes.

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Fighting the negative consequences of Covid-19

In 2020 we launched a series of activities to fight the negative consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

This included free Smart! delivery for clients, a Merchant Support Package and direct support to Polish healthcare professionals in the form of donations and equipment. The total value of Allegro assistance reached PLN375m- an unprecedented scale of CSR involvement in our history.

fighting covid