Meet the team

Meet the team

Back in our startup days we employed a team that could fit on a small couch. Today we are the leading Polish marketplace with 5 offices across Poland.

We currently employ more than 5000 employees and each of us ranks among the best experts in their field. Whether it’s in Technology (almost 2 thousands highly skilled engineers, UX designers and more), Customer Experience, Commerce, Delivery Experience or many other teams, we’re all proud to say that Allegro employs the best people on the market and all of us are ready to admit that it’s #goodtobehere. We’re excited to take part in large-scale projects which answer the needs of millions of users every day, and take advantage of the up-to-date technological innovations at every stage of our work. We’re proud to be the creators of cutting-edge solutions while developing our own skills and gaining experience. But most of all we’re happy to be part of the Allegro Team - the people we know we can trust and who are the best team players. And last but not least - we feel that we’re appreciated for what we do.

back in start up days

Even now, the startup spirit still prevails

We value open communication, agility and a practical approach to the solutions we create.

We are driven by entrepreneurial values such as teamwork, personal commitment and continuous professional development.

By constantly raising the bar we innovate and improve the Allegro ecosystem of tools and services to make sure the experience we give to our clients and sellers is nothing short of a global standard. They have always been at the center of whatever we do and we know that we need to work everyday to keep their trust.

start up spirit

At Allegro, all projects we carry out combine business and technology.

The non-tech teams include a variety of business functions, the largest being customer service and commerce.

Allegro offers a unique scale of operations and direct impact on business - it means that the solutions you create will be used by millions of Europeans - including our friends and family!

business and technology

That’s why we make sure that our ambitions and challenging workplace are balanced by a caring culture.

We are one of Poland’s most desired employers, attracting top talent thanks to the possibilities we offer and an attractive pay and benefits package. Allegro employees simply love working here. According to an internal engagement study 89% of Allegro employees recommend Allegro as a great place to work. Our engagement index in 2021 was 74%, in line with industry average.

ambitions and challenging workplace

Join us!

Challenge yourself, make an impact and join the #1 commerce platform in Poland.

Visit our dedicated careers website for more information about open positions and about ways of working at Allegro.

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